THANKS JANET! "Fiona Gets Her Wings" sissy Snow day challenge

The Amazingly Talented Janet Made This Lovely “Fiona Gets Her Wings” Portrait THANKS BABE XOXOXOXO

Sissy Challenge

Are you ready for a Sissy Challenge: So, the weather outside is frightful indeed here in the mountains of MD. That means it’s time for some snow day indoor fun! As one of my lovely panty pets asked, “How many big cocks worth of snow do you have?” Well, depends on how much of a size queen you are I suppose 😉 But presuming we are talking about a measuring dick-stick between 10-12 inches, I’d say we have almost three dicks worth or surely will before the blustery clusters of crystalline snowflakes stop falling.  He then laughed and said his cock length of snow would be the equivalent to a mere dusting and not even covering the blades of grass. How I love my SPH Sluts that make me laugh!

Sissy Winter Fun

As much as I love hunkering down hearthside with tea and watching the delicate dance of flurries swirling, I definitely lament not being able to go to Drag Queen Bingo. So I thought instead maybe I could make a board for my sissies (since I have more sissy pets than queen cuties) wherein they could follow the directions on a customized kinky BINGO board for 1 or more columns OR complete the tasks on the whole thing if they are so daring . 😉  How fun would it be to watch them perform for me tonight by prancing and dancing about in their panties on Skype Cam for me! So let’s see what ya got! Call me tonight and try it for a spin:


Between now and Tuesday any pet brave enough to complete one or more columns in session with me gets a prize!  Cum Beat the Cabin Fever Blues.

How did you do? Share in the comments below.

sissy challenge