Sissy Bridal Bonanza In Organza

What is covered in white, lacey and eager all over? A brand new sissy quim  of course -just waiting to be freshly fucked! The latest edition to my play-pets is all about bridal lingerie. What better way for her to package her sweet little self for her monumental maiden voyage? Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you more about her first. Charlotte has been sissified for about 9 years now. She loves hot pink, purple and black heels with matching hosiery and has a “transgender treasure trove of girlie goodies” Alas, Charlotte said she still felt something was missing…

Divine Inspiration

Something elegant, delicate, and not too overstated. That’s when like divine inspiration the answer literally came right to her door. The Boudoir Bride catalog of her neighboring friend was sent to Miss. Charlotte’s apartment mail by mistake (or was it simply  serendipity from the Goddesses of Glam looking out for her?).  Whatever the case may be, this was the beginning of a beautiful and bountiful bridal bonanza because she was ready.

Her love affair with white lace and lingerie is still going strong .She showed me her newly acquired freshwater pearl beaded teddy, cutout deep boat-neckline nightie with detachable bustle train & silky panty set nestled under a flounced  corseted bodice.

Cam Session

In fact, Charlotte is going to be going aboard her first ever cruise and her wardrobe theme of choice for the dances she will be attending while aboard is “Prom Princess”.  She showed me via cam session her fave piece which is a lilac strapless-backless organza gown with a long flowing mermaid trumpeted skirt It’s extra special because the bottom can be zipped off into a cocktail mini. She’s completing the look with a matching pair of bridal organza latticed panties and a deep cut-plunging bra in white.

She’s looking forward to having a ball in her new gowns and I think she’ll be the most beautiful Belle of them all.

Do you have any wedding/bridal lingerie fantasies, femme sissy bride dreams or lingerie love of your own?