Question From Sissy Sue Ann:

Mistress how do I cover up my freckles? It seems like my foundation doesn’t do the trick.

Answer: Freckles are so adorable. I have a few on the bridge of my nose in fact. Personally I like that expression “a face without freckles is like a sky without stars” and embrace those little constellations of beauty marks. However, if you are really determined to want to hide them I find a heavy duty concealer works wonders for not just freckles but any sort of blemishes or even under eye shadows after a long night and not enough sleep.

Amazing Cosmetics is a personal fave of mine and can be bought on for a decent price. While it costs more than most do at the drugstores, the tube lasts a super long time and you’ll find you need less of it than most other types so a little goes a long way. I like to mix a little with a drop of water on my make-up sponge for better spread-ability and then follow up with a Bare Minerals powder for a brightened complexion.

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