Fiona (8)

Sexy Mad Libs

It’s All Fun and Games…

So one of my friends was talking about those books wherein multiple choices lead to a variety of outcomes & scenarios dependent on the choices you make.  Did you grow up with those fun make-your-own-destiny stories and/or video games?   Well that inspired a comical and slightly abbreviated version of Sexy Mad Libs altered for quick and easy fantasizing:   It was another late night at the office when an impatient knock at the door abruptly erupted from the hall. In walked (insert name here) & my annoyance quickly dissipated. As usual that sexy swagger took my breath away and the weight of the day’s worries melted under a heated gaze. (Insert his/hers here) bright eyes alighted on me and an involuntary smile caught my lips by surprise. How is it possible that just  (select his/her here) mere presence could make me feel like (insert sultry term/terms). It became readily apparent that a break was in order. I had this irrepressible urge to (insert suggestive verb/verbs here) and (insert sexy verb here). But how could I manage that here at work even if it was technically after hours?  Although at the present moment, any ramifications seemed worth it to have a night of wildly unbridled and passionate (insert naughty word/words here) Consequences be damned!   With an undeniably seductive gleam in (select his/her here) bright eyes, I felt the caress of restless lips sealed onto mine. Dripping with desire, I wanted nothing more than to (insert dirty erotic details here) all over ( insert devilish fill-in-the-blanks) till the sun came up the next morning.

Get those creative juices flowing and your own erotic adventure with this little “paint-by-numbers” template. Tell me what you love about sexy storytelling and I’ll be sure to let you know why I love roleplaying and hearing the culmination of our erotic voices together in return.