Why work for “the man” when you can dominate and deny him instead? 😉

Sometimes the softer side of domination has a way of hitting you the hardest. Sensual and oh so and sweet like honey that sticks right to you. This is a real specialty of mine since I love the subtle scintillation of the senses that merely suggest what may come next.

It requires a responsiveness and ability to expose and be exposed and open to a soul deep connection. A drizzle of sizzle that sneaks up, whispers and tiptoes until you find yourself entrenched in its embrace & drenched with desire. Slowly burning, it builds up with a far flung stirring of passion & finely-tuned poignancy of an elixir-like healing balm caressing your sensory receptors.

An intuitive intimacy that:
Doesn’t just talk -it speaks
Doesn’t just hear -it listens
Doesn’t just touch -it feels

…The magic is how it manages to  fill your vessel without needing to bludgeon. It’s  an elegant erotica that has a distinct role in the triskelion of BDSM. And in some ways it is both more challenging than “hardcore” forms since it requires a lightness of vulnerability that doesn’t come easy with a lowering of the defenses that are so comfortable to hide behind.

We naturally learn to fiercely guard our soft sides so the very act of baring it to another can be surprisingly difficult to conceive of but absolutely intoxicating when we learn how.

Together we can find a tranquil seduction and peace by piecing together the puzzle of evolving dynamics while I guide and draw you out and in turn seduce your senses with merely a voice.