subbies crave punishment

Here’s Why I Love When Subbies Get Salty

Tickling the Tiger

As a Femdom, I expect a certain level of respect at all times. Having said that, a saucy turn can enliven the scene.  If a typically well-behaved subbie exhibits an uncharacteristically spicy attitude, it’s actually a deep yearning for increased kinky consequences masquerading as insubordination. Obviously, this behavior wouldn’t be tolerated at all times. Every once in awhile however, it provides the perfect opportunity for me to showcase my seductively sadistic side.

Playing with Fire

When a pet purposefully wants to be a little bratty for the sole reason of getting an extra serving of punishment, it becomes a bit like a game. It ups the ante with each reprimand and infraction. Now a Mistress doesn’t need a reason to dole out a spanking etc. but when a pet starts acting up it can be a sign that more than the usual dose of discipline is desired. I relish rising to the challenge and bringing it on!


-Making invalid excuses for disobedience

-Repeatedly questioning “Why”

-Whining for an undeserved reprieve


-Incessant Begging for an orgasm

-Grumbling/mumbling under breath

You can be sure any of the above will bring out my creative devious side.

Of course, the above infractions should only be done with a pet’s tongue firmly placed in cheek. Otherwise, I will have to make use of it elsewhere. Remember don’t dish out your salty side if you can’t take it.