Bad Girl

Revenge of the Cuckquean

Part 4

From Cuckquean to Cuck Queen

Adapted from a YIM Session with Dizzy’s Permission

 Question from Part 3:

Dizzy4259: So was he one of those small cock cucks that likes the idea of fluffing you both and cock sucking? Did any of that factor into your planning?

enchantrixfiona: Actually, he wasn’t into small penis humiliation and didn’t have a particularly small cock even. It was a little over average and he was a bit of an exhibitionist that liked to wear tight pants and show off the silhouette of his package. That said though, he was tiny in comparison to Hector’s HUGE member. I’ve never thought of myself as a size queen since I’m pretty petite and didn’t require anything excessively large but a nice long shaft and a guy that knows how to properly operate heavy equipment is in fact an ideal situation.

Now as far as the fluffing and cock sucking goes, I think he might have been cock-curious. He knew the idea of watching him suck off another man was always a fantasy of mine and he liked to think of himself as a Lothario of a lover so why not as be a  Don Juan of dong as well? 

Course, his assumption that he would be in the starring role of the hero in our illicit liaison was more moronic than Byronic. You should have seen his crestfallen face as his eyes gazed upon the smoldering sight of me riding that bull stud and bouncing wildly on our bed (that’s right I had Hector COCK-CRASH the bed of my ex and I). It became abundantly clear my bf’s penis paled in comparison to Hector’s wondrous work of art. The bar was set higher on the cock scale and my he couldn’t rise to meet my new great sex-pectations. I was the cock ringmaster now of our little three-way cuckolding circus. The genie was out of the bottle and she wasn’t about to be made a subservient good girl again. And knowing that  if he reads this he’d simultaneously get turned on and jealous as hell  that he’ll never get to have me tickles me to no end.


Feel free in ask more kinky questions about my little femdom fuckery. 😉


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