Revenge of the Cuckquean

Part 3

From Cuckquean to Cuck Queen

Adapted from a YIM Session with Dizzy’s Permission


Dizzy4259: The guy you cuckolded with was a friend to you both?!

enchantrixfiona: Yes, he was a hottie that I always thought was cute but wouldn’t have thought to have been with. That is until, my guy’s little dalliance of his own. I was the archetypical good girlfriend you see. 😉

This mutual friend we’ll call him Hector was the first man that popped into my mind as a potential cuckolding cohort. He was ready and willing to put it mildly. I was so shy back then I’m not sure how I had conjured up the courage to call him up and ask him to fuck me thoroughly in an act of revenge. It was like a cuckold coup lol I wanted to regain my sense of self and have fun in the process. I had a free pass to fuck and there was no way I wasn’t going to suck every last drop out of this opportunity for erotic adventure.

Hector for his part, was glad to be the bull as he always felt I deserved better treatment then the philandering antics of my ex. What I wasn’t considering was how much this seemingly simple revolt would be so damn addictive and transformative. Looking back, it was a good thing since that’s how I reclaimed my power and found my rightful place as a femme domme  diva unabashedly relishing my divine right to be properly appreciated, revered, worshipped and adored.

Dizzy4259: That’s so hot. You became the dominate cutie in the relationship, as you should be. So you made sure he caught the two of you together?

enchantrixfiona: Yes, like I said he was a voyeur and loved the idea of seeing me in his own private porno -or so he thought. Course now I was running the show and holding the reins. That was the part of this equation he hadn’t anticipated since I was such a “good girl” with a people-pleaser complex. 

He was a bit of a control freak in general so I knew exactly when and where this would all go down for maximum cuckolding carnage .

Dizzy4259: So was he one of those small cock cucks that likes the idea of fluffing you both and cock sucking? Did any of that factor into your planning?