Revenge of the Cuckquean

Part 1

Adapted from a text Session with Dizzy’s Permission

Dizzy4259: So are you into cuckolding your bf or husband?

enchantrixfiona: I’m not married and I have many boy toys -they all know I’m not single though and am in open relationships only for now. As far as cuckolding as a fantasy fetish I find it totally hot.

Dizzy4259: Have you ever actually cuckolded a man before?

enchantrixfiona:  Yes, I have. In fact I never thought I would be into it let alone that I would actually be a cuckoldress. lol Come to think of it, I didn’t know what cuckolding was and that it was a popular fetish until after a past relationship I was in.

Dizzy4259: Really? How so?

enchantrixfiona: Well I had an ex bf that really got turned on to the idea of seeing me with other guys. Now we weren’t married, but we engaged at the time. Of the five types of cuckolds he was most definitely a voyeur cuckold. At first I didn’t understand why cuckolding turned him on so and was actually sort of insulted by the notion. All that changed though.

Dizzy4259 When you cuckolded him?

enchantrixfiona: Well actually he cuckolded me at first. I was heartbroken but after I got over the initial shock I got the thinking. I realized two could play at that game and I had a feeling I could win. So I devised a plan all the while feeling vindicated by the fact that it was retaliatory and a fate he essentially brought on himself.  Course little did I know what a life-changer  it would be for us both. His past little indiscretion became my exoneration. I was free of any good girl guilt and after that, I was more than happy to take my new place as a femme in charge in a FLR.