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Ready or Not…

And now what you’ve all been avidly awaiting…My premier launch into the blog-o-sphere!

So welcome one and all to my new cyber dig! Take a look around and make yourself at home. As many of you know, I am new to these parts and still getting the feel for this wonderful new world. Originally, I hail from the East Coast and make it my everlasting mission to explore my environs. This often leads to many misadventures, madcap hilarity, and at times seductive interludes and I’m looking forward to confiding where my yellow brick road (or in my case my iridescent, gem encrusted, and glitter-sprinkled rainbow road) leads.

About Me

What can I say about myself? I’m a miscellaneous muse and merry mistress and iconoclast. I skip effortlessly between moods of being a bodacious brat that LOVES being catered to and spoiled, while still being mature enough to enjoy a more psychological/intellectual seduction and approach to flirtations, Goddess Mistress/Fem Dom worship and being pleased, femme fun and girl talk, cuckolding, and coerced bi are all immensely enjoyable to me. 🙂


Little factoids and tidbits about me:

-I love working here at LDW! I am ready and willing to talk and listen, guide you through sensual journeys, or just banter back and forth with you. I enjoy every fetish we specialize in here at the Empire and am constantly learning new fun ways to explore erotica.

-Are you shy? No prob –I love shy guys and drawing you out of your shell. Sexytexting is one of my specialties.

-Meditations with a sexy tantric twist and charka work are my current areas of study. I’m an autodidact but I also take many classes and seminars with a focus on mind/body/spirit work. I’d love to share what I’ve learned.

– Getting emails especially from those of you who want something super-specific are always welcome. This way I can make sure when you call to be at the ready and revving to rumble with ya. So any role-playing, scene-setting, special considerations, likes and preferences, and/or answers to your questions can be addressed. I am an email whiz when it comes to rapid responses. I love a challenging character to portray.

-I want to know all about what makes you hot –so that I can then let you pick your poison with your ultimate pleasure.

-Sometimes some guys prefer a more sensual approach and I tend to typically as well. I love role-playing rendezvous, switching, vanilla (but with sprinkles on top), being catered to, dressing up femmes, convincing guys to do by biding, and generally wreaking havoc of all kinds.


-If you are one that requires what I deem is a harsher approach I will give you want you want –just be careful what you wish for 😉 I slowly like to lure you in first, lull you into a trance of tranquility and then pounce erratically. So don’t be fooled by my sweet, young voice, all the better to trick you with ~it hides and belies a multitude of hidden depth and deviousness. I just enjoy the slow build & burn so you must be patient for the payout of pleasure…


-When not taming menfolk into subbies, or playing with my boy-toy pets, I enjoy making jewelry, singing in the shower, hiking, going to the beach for a swim, drawing/doodling and botanical photography.



I’m most likely will be available anytime between 12 pm to 4 am, EST even if I’m not logged in. So shoot me an email, or phone in a request, or if you see me on Yahoo Chat and leave me a message and if I can, I’ll log on for ya.

 Any dire questions you are still curious about?

Now it’s your turn to share something with me so comment below….

Stay Tuned Cuties!

Kewpie Kisses and Soda Pop Wishes,
~*Fiona the Femme Fatale*~
Skype: enchantrixfiona