Quiz for Humiliation Whores

So, you suspect you are a humiliation-whore, don’t you? Then try this simple Quiz for Humiliation Whores.  Answer these questions and call me in the morning:

-Do you get aroused thinking about being subjected to verbal taunting? Or, does laughter even if it scares you witless at the same time?

-Would you be willing to be a bit of an exhibitionist by showing off to your Mistress on cam?  Do you at least fantasy about that sort of ridicule that might ensue from doing so?
Do you find trigger words like “whore”, “cock sucker”, “tiny-dicked slut” or any other manner of insulting language give you a bit of a boner buzz?
-Are you drawn to alpha woman that delight in making your life hard in various even subtle ways such as having you appease them by being a constant bottom to them and/or their bulls?

-Do stories of cuckolds, fluffers and/or men made to wear panties but you in a masturbation frenzy?
-Are you unable to find someone how shares your passion for subbie humiliation?

Humiliation Whore Quiz Possible Penis Prognosis:

Answering “yes” to even just one of the above questions would most likely led to a dick diagnosis suffering from a bad case of acute humiliation syndrome.  There is no cure but there is a way to work with your re-occurring bouts of humiliation induced erection also known as (HIE).

Sounds like you may be prescribed the proper regimen of a daily dose of erotic embarrassment training with a qualifying humiliatrix. Consult an Enchantrix at 1 800 721 1962. Come see if you can handle it!