Here’s a story of a Panty-Pup of a Different Kind….

So my dears as you know I have many panty pets that prance and mince about in frilly li’l panties and such but I also have a very interesting sub-hybrid of sorts. A panty pet that doesn’t wear panties but rather is made to lick and clean from my gusset my sweet pussy juice as if it’s ambrosia from the Goddess. Oddly enough I didn’t realize at first that this was a fetish and fantasy of my dear panty-pup.

The Professor Becomes the Student

When first we talked the self-appointed “Professor” as he liked to call himself, wanted to do a roleplay wherein I was the college co-ed that was being reprimanded for lack of preparation on a project but ended by completely taking over his will and making him lick my heels. It was something a sweet young mistress like me would be ideal for if only I could be the purely confident in-control and grab-the guy-by-the-balls type domina.

Poor pet, was sure I clearly must be just too naïve and polite and much too young to manage such a feat. Lol What a surprise he was in for! I hit his fantasy outta of park with a kick of my high heels.


A few sessions later, he was still to sheepish and shy when it came to voicing more of his submissive wishes. So lucky for him the gorgeous Goddess Ms. Brighton helped him along in a two mistress call by casually asking if I knew the full extent of his dedicated duties. He is much obliged to her intervention since he didn’t have to confess his needs on his own. She made sure to get the message across and helped him articulate his true desires just perfectly much to panty pet’s relief.


So now our little pet not only must greet us by the door as our doormat and shoe licker/foot wiper, but he is also in charge of lapping our creamy pussy drips from our panties. If he’s been a very good and obedient boy, sometimes we even might slap him around with our perfectly manicured feet. Whapping him back and forth between us is always a pleasure.

Moral of the Story:

The Lesson Pet Learned: Always be open and upfront with all your submissive heart’s deepest desires since then you may just get lucky and be granted them 😉