Captive Pets

Proclivity for Captivity

Why are men so fun to collect and keep in captivity? I often find myself pondering this very question. Even though I have many and enjoy them thoroughly, I am always curious as to the “why?” My guess is that it has something to do with how very different they all are. With so much diversity of men to play with, one wants to be able to have a variety to choose from. Some are fun to dance with and show off like a cute new handbags while others are rugged and make for great adventuring partners, some are sweet and submissive and wonderful to keep around the house for all domestic needs while some are sporty and need to run and be out in the sun -they always come back at sundown though. 😉 And of course, sissy captives are oh so pretty.

Captive heart, heads and bodies

Just like there are many different kinds of captive pets, there are many different kinds of ways to be captured.
 Some man pets need mental captivity for their emotional, psychological, and mental well-being whereas others crave the physical play with constraints of chastity, handcuffs, bondage bindings and cages Some long for a short leash and others like a more gentle touch that doesn’t grip too tight but is always there reminding them who is in charge, holds the keys and who their Mistress truly is. 

Reasons You Love Capture Play

One of my pets recently told me why they love being captive. After a long, arduous day of having to be in charge of so much, it is just wonderful to have choices made up for him. Mistress telling him what to do, where to go, and how to behave. It has a way of resetting the brain and getting rid of what’s known as decision fatigue. Afterwards, it’s like a mini-mental vacation and it becomes so much easier to meet all of those external responsibilities.

Another pet of mine said that being captive and in bondage was like the ultimate relaxation of the body. Even better than a weight-blanket, the weight of the cuffs, the cage and ropes give off a sense of security. Knowing who he belongs to and feeling the actual strength of those bonds just fills him with desire and neediness. Plus, always being in the presence of Mistress means he is never too far away from Me. I suppose in that sense, capture bondage goes both ways. Even when I leave him alone and go out, he knows I will eventually come back and while that wait makes him ache, he knows I’ll be there again eventually…

Capture and Enrapture
The only problem is I don’t have the space to keep all my pets in the same place all at once. Luckily, I know they will always come when I call whenever I want them no matter where they are. It’s like a siren-song that compels them to me. Even at a distance, they are never all that far. This is the great thing about owning men all over the world and in all different time zones. There is always one available to dominate and I’ve mentally enslaved their minds. 

It’s a World of Pets From Pretty Boys to Living Sex Toys
So much abundance abounds in bondage boy-toys.
I also just love the cutest accents that some have. Although, I guess to them, I’m the Mistress with the accent. Some make me laugh for hours. Some I dress up and others I make fluff and clean up.All this now makes me wonder…

 What kind of Capture Pet are you? Ask yourself, are you ready to be truly owned?  A Femdom can never have too many menfolk after all!

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