Brat Tease

How to Please Your Brat Tease

-Realize that Brat Teases are capricious in nature and it takes patience and extreme flexibility when attempting to make plans with such sexy free spirits. Whims change with the wind, so be ready to submit and just roll with it. Ephemeral in their affections, don’t be surprised if you fall into a state of sublime limerence while they have moved on to the next object of their infatuation.

-Be ready to deal with a strong-willed and steely resolve though. While a bratty babe may be impulsive and unpredictable at times, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a strong obstinate streak that leads us to obtaining what we seek once we set our sights on something we want.

-Remember it’s not that Brat Mistresses are picky, it’s more just we possess the ability to know what we want and demand nothing less.

-Beware of our sexual perverse persuasiveness. Spoiled princess teases have a way of bending men to their wishes and there is just no telling how far you may go under our guidance. Think of all the naughty fantasies you will want to indulge us in, when we bat our pretty eyes at you. Don’t worry though pet, you can be sure you’ll learn to love what we talk you into. Soon you won’t be able to distinguish your deepest desires from our own. How far will your fantasies take you with a little brat at the helm? Perhaps you’d be willing to do unfathomable feats of fetish for us. A little coerced cock sucking? Making you beg to become a sissy cum-slut even? Possibilities are virtually endless!

So don’t let  your princesses grow listless. A bored brat is dangerously delicious. Who knows what may happen to you then pet! Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉