Playing with your Food Fetish Fantasy

Forms of Food Fetish Fantasy

While not all of my pets have put thought into the sensual side of food and all the possibilities of enjoying food in a fetish-centric way, I do have some that have learned how fun it is to utilize simple items from the kitchen cabinet for pleasure that goes beyond just flavor and culinary delight itself. Yes, food can be nourishing, and a wondrous experience for your sense of taste, but why stop there when you can incorporate fantasy play of all kinds with it as well?

I love getting my pets all messy in a food fetish frenzy. It’s such a carefree way to play and many of my food fetishists say it both excites and relaxes them. So much of life demands us to be meticulous and neat so something about getting a little mussed up can be a stress-release and also exhilarating.   

Messy Can be Sexy

Gooey gloppy, slinky, sloppy, silky soft and warm and fluffy meringue is so much fun to drizzle over yourself and lap up. Let the terrifically tactile sensations abound and get down and dirty with strawberry sauce, jam or jelly. Maple syrup or molasses is a sweet treat for you in more than one way. The best part is, the clean up will remind you of just how much you enjoyed yourself so there is no denying you are becoming addicted to food play. 

I even have one pet that likes to put his cock in gelatin and waits until it hardens. The waiting excites him and after trying so long to keep still, he begs for release and to squish himself out of it with a release. He wanted me to mention this since he’s also into humiliation and says he prefers cherry flavored the most (because of course I make him eat it afterwards).

SPH Humiliation 

You’ll never look at any food you have to use as a size reference to show how small you are in comparison when you Mistress demands to see on Skype how you measure up beside something like a mini-bello or button mushroom! Maybe even those tiny “pink pet” eraser-sized carrots will tower over your small cock. What about a small butter bean or bean sprout? I bet you can find some BIGGER than you. 

DIY Dildo & Cum Eating

Make a pegger’s paradise with cucumber, carrots, zucchini or eggplant (if you are feeling incredibly adventurous). Then show your Mistress how much you crave penetration. Maybe if you are really good, you may even get to cum -but only if you eat your veggies -we don’t want to waste food. That cream dip will make it all go down easy 😉 Cum-eating after a masturbatory mélange is so much easier for a novice nervous to try their own jizz for the first time. How deep will you dip for an orgasm? 

Sploshing While Noshing 

Take advantage of the last day of May’s Two Mistress call special and show us just how willing you are to entertain us with your antics. A little CFNM is all the more humiliating with two giggling as you edge for us in a puff of whipped cream. It may make things extra slippery which just makes getting a grasp on your cock that much more challenging and fun to watch. Remember though, no cumming until you get both of your femdoms to agree you have been granted permission by giving the performance your all and you can bet if you are allowed to, you will eat it up for us. 


~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
Twitter: EnchantrixFiona