A Field Guide to the Enchantrix Empire


Enchantrix: noun

(singular and plural form)   enchantrices/enchantrixes (other plural forms)

Refers to any or all the lovely LDW ladies that are mistresses w/ magical tricks to tantalize and torture any and all your cock’s desires. Part enchantress, part siren seductress, they are sorceresses of sensuality.  They can be any or all the combinations of the following subset varieties: Masturbatrix, Humiliatrix  &  Kinktrix. Many of us are comprised of characteristics from them all.

Habitat: The fantasies and minds of men throughout the echoes of the ages.  Timeless and highly adaptive to all environs and conditions. They all prefer sultry climates.

Masturbatrix: Alluring minx that can show you how to fondle your phallus in the most pleasurable ways. Careful though, these beauties are not inclined to let unsuspecting men cum for no reason. They must earn it and then maybe the mighty Masturbatrix might consider  allowing release.  Maybe mastur-BAIT-rix is a better way to spell it since she certainly will lure you in with the erotic attention you crave until you cave into her demands.

Habitat: The wet dreams of every man’s fervent, fevered fantasies

Humiliatrix: One of the more imposing classifications of mistresses that enjoy using your own fears and embarrassment as tools to taunt and tease you into submission. Some enjoy a more playful light approach (sensual humiliation) with fun coerced feminization and SPH hijinks. Others prefer the more extreme kinds of mocking merriment and use their acerbic wit and sadistic sarcasm to keep their subbies in their proper place.

Habitat: The deepest darkest part of your shadowy psyche. She comes out to play in your weakest and most gringe-inducing nightmares

Kinktrix: One of the most elusive of all the Enchantrix, they are unique and well-versed in rarified kinks and flavorful fetish fanciers. They get their kinky kicks out of  the more cultured palette of pleasures that the uninformed may find to be an acquired taste until they try for themselves.

Habitat: Your wildest imaginings

Which do you seek to play with today? Try a taste of them all 😉