Revenge of the Cuckquean

Part 2

From Cuckquean to Cuck Queen

Adapted from a YIM Session with Dizzy’s Permission

Dizzy4259: Wait, what is FLR?

enchantrixfiona: Female -led relationship

Dizzy4259: So you started dominating him?

enchantrixfiona: That was part of it. The rest was really just a psychological shift of power in general. Plus, honestly after that I just wasn’t that into him. He wasn’t quite the man I thought obviously but also I had way better dick since and that’s something I didn’t realize I was missing out on until I had a bull.

Dizzy4259: So how did this all go down exactly?

enchantrixfiona: The actual revenge fuck cuckolding event you mean -for the first time? Well that was carefully devised and calculated.

Dizzy459: Did he watch?

enchantrixfiona: Well sort of…

Dizzy4259: You got caught?

enchantrixfiona: Well yes but caught on purpose you could say. Like I said this was all strategically  plotted down to the last detail. Even though he originally like the idea of it, in actuality he ended up becoming a coerced cuckold.

Dizzy4259: For his benefit?

enchantrixfiona: Well definitely not for his BENEFIT lol since he was only into the idea of showing me off as his toy -but if I was not just being shared with his permission it wasn’t at all what he had in mind. I turned his cuckolding fantasy into erotic humiliation for my amusement.

Dizzy4259: So basically you gave him the bitter taste of his own medicine?

enchantrixfiona: Yeah exactly that’s fair to say for sure. Suffice it to say after that I had the upper hand at any rate. Anyway so basically, I planned for him to catch my guy and I together. He was actually a mutual friend of ours.