The following email inquiry is shared with permission:

Ms. Fiona,

I LOVE wearing panties and all things girlie pantie-things but I like women not men sexually. What’s the deal with me? Why am I not normal? –Sissy Maid Marion


First off, normal is just a setting on a washing machine, and not something to aspire to by any means! Now, as to why you might be into pantie-fun pantie paraphernalia and all things girlish, it may be any or all of the following reasons:

It Feels Naughty and a Little Taboo

If girls get to feel pretty and dress up in colorful, fun, flirty outfits why can’t you, too? Well actually, you can! Celebrate your love for all things feminine with your femdom. No one even has to know. It can be your choice of living out loud and proud or just our little secret. It’s all up to you and your comfort level.

Denim and Lace

Sheer Curiosity

You may have always wondered what it would be like to play dress-up and try on something ultra cute and bright. Haven’t you secretly wondered?

Just Because…

Just cuz it feels so good to wear!  The sleek & slippery kiss of satin and the caress of lace are sensory stimulating and make you feel sexy and pampered.  No justification is needed to simply enjoy the pleasure of panties and feminine accouterments. The fact that it pleases your Mistress is also a big plus. From a female’s perspective on cross-dressing and feminized frills and thrills, I, as well as many other ladies, love it.  Why else do you think there are so many online cross-dressing and panty-boy communities? So, be pretty in panties!

Mantra for all my panty pets:

Ms. Fiona says panties are fun and just feel right.

So I’ll put on a pair and slide ’em up nice and tight.

I will tease myself with a giggle and a tickle

And won’t stop till I feel a sexy trickle.

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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Twitter: EnchantrixFiona