Giving Yourself Permission



Often it is way too easy to get bogged down with responsibilities and the everyday duties of life. It seems that after getting done all the things we have to do, and the majority of what we feel we should do, there is little time left to experience the things we really want to do. Sometimes we, no matter who we are, where we live or what our lifestyle entails, require a little jolt to shake and wake us up to the fact that we have a whole world of wonder to enjoy and explore.  There are endless opportunities to seize, creative play to dabble in and time to spend doing nothing in particular other than appreciating and savoring this very moment -to just BE.

Ultimately most of what we put so much painstakingly serious stock in, worry about, fret for and brood over, is fleeting and trivial in the grand scheme of what we really wish to do. While it’s commendable and well worth living with purpose and putting effort into our personal pursuits, there is nothing wrong with taking a free pass to actually take some time for whatever you wish.

Even as a prick tease, femdomme mistress, I only have the power to implore you to liberate yourself since only we can give ourselves permission to be free enough to engage in our existence fully and beyond the daily grind, even if it doesn’t feel like that is the case. A little dash of hedonism is as essential as air. That’s why we do all that we must and all that we feel we are suppose to: So that we can have time to relish the fruit of our labors. It’s not forbidden to actually take a bit out of the life we scurry and scour to create.

So why not? Take the afternoon off, stay up late, eat, drink and be merry, howl at the moon, and expand those horizons that have felt closed off for much too long. All you have to do is grant yourself permission to pamper yourself,  & go on a little excursion from the everyday.


I’d love to know what adventures you delve into. Feel free to share.


 Howl at the Moon