Fiona Femme Fatale

    One definition of polymorphic perversion has been identified by Freud as mankind’s instinctual drive for sexual pleasure. These libidinal urges can be derived from any part of the body & a multifarious expanse of objects. Think of the film  Annie Hall when Alvy mentions his affinity for Annie’s ability to extract erotic pleasure from being caressed practically anywhere as if her nerve ending were attuned to the sense of touch. This sounds almost synonymous with the psychological definition of the term “fetish” which is:  “any object or non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation”.   So this is all leading up to sexual synesthesia and how it may possible relate to the realm of exotic fetish fantasies.

But first what exactly is Synesthesia?
It’s defined as being a neurological phenomenon in which a person’s brain is cross wired in its responses to stimuli. Poets, artists and writers often speak in terms such as “painting with a rainbow of words” or  “tasting the bitter ash of defeat”. Though this may sound fanciful, modern science has found through extensive brain imaging that some people literal experience a cross impression of the senses.
For example the  regions of the brain that regulate the visual processing field might respond when a subject with synesthesia is exposed to say a smell. The images of the intracranial activity would show not just the olfactory section of the brain lighting up with activity. Kinda crazy huh?
The most common form of synesthesia is grapheme-color synesthesia, in which people perceive individual letters of the alphabet and numbers to be “shaded” or “tinged” with a color. Other synesthetes commingle sounds with scents, sounds with shapes, or shapes with flavors.”
The psychedelic 60s seem to be full of “mind-expanding” experiences that are similar. However a better example that doesn’t involve a synthetic induced state would be  Fantasia;  a great film that expresses “seeing music” as it is interpreted by Disney’s artists in multiple vignettes for classic works of music.
So we are all capable of rewiring our cognitive pathways and tapping into new ways of processing our imprinted sense memories it seems. This bodes for interesting  sexual implications
What do you think? Are you able to experience sexual excitement from different sweet spots or experiences? Do you think this might be partially what forms fetishes? This vox fox wants to know darlings. You can call, email or sexytext me for some smart sex talk.