Orgasm Denial: Why Should You Try & Deny Your Orgasm?

Why try Orgasm Denial? -Holding onto the orgasmic energy by not releasing and conserving that fire is a way to fuel your creative pursuits. Think of it as fire in the belly; the transmutation meditation and impetus that makes the world go round. Your very DNA sings with the  life force you wish to spill. Of course this is completely healthy and natural but holding off like saving money in the bank is a sure way to increase your stamina & flex your self-control. You gain a newfound respect of the pleasures of the flesh and will find it isn’t the end-all-be-all but a gateway into sublime connection within yourself.

-Sacrificing cum temporally for your Mistress or to expel in a ritualized manner under her guided masturbation techniques is a way to strengthen the bond.

-Even though the object of tantra isn’t the orgasm itself, that is one of the blissful side effects when working and training to attain that inner enlightenment and cosmic connection. And longer term extended denial is one surefire way to tap into that same sense of reverence than transcends the physical realm into the synergistic sexual energy of the mind, spirit and body combined into a higher celestial consciousness.

-Abstaining can give one a real sense of accomplishment and make you feel you have truly earned your orgasmic outcome.

-It reignites your senses and dusts off the proverbial cobwebs from the everyday routine. Your self-discovery can also lead to new avenues and fun fetishes you never would have experienced had you not had the opportunity to improvise while you waited to cum, For example, I had a pet find that tickling became much more energetically arousing and now adds feather play  to his  erotic explorations as a fave pastime.

So have you ever used tantric orgasm denial techniques? If you are serious about really pleasing your mistress consider giving it a try. Long term orgasm denial is a challenge but that makes the payoff that much more sweet

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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