…More Like Of Cuckold Cocksuckers and Real Men


So my darlin, it’s high time you prove your worth to me. I want to push you to your absolute limit. You know that big bull that I’ve been flirting with? Yes the one that stands at 6’5’’.  Now I am not a size queen typically, (otherwise I never even would have given you a chance 😉 ) however, I need a certain standard as a baseline. I deserve to not have to struggle to achieve orgasm and even a petite mini-mistress like me needs more than you’ve got to give.

Well you know he can please me in ways you never could dream of. And I know you’ve allowed me to do what I desire with him since as you are painfully aware, deep down, if you are honest with yourself, that you need him to fuck me FOR you.

As if by proxy, you can watch me get the proper orgasmic release I have been craving for all this time…all those long nights I’ve spent trying to make it work with your…..shortcomings shall we say.


 You knew you could never measure up and be even half the man he is.


Honestly, I wouldn’t even still be with you at all if I didn’t feel as though you need me so badly and I have grown accustomed to the green-eyed glare of envy that flitters across your face as you watch the two of us entangled in our sweet embrace. I guess I’ve gotten addicted -or ad-dick-ted lol shall I say, tormenting you.


Tell you what, if you are a good little submissive cuckold, maybe, just maybe I will let that sad little cock of yours be liberated and get the glimmer of hope for release so you can pleasure your pathetic needs while you watch how a real man does it.

You are always whimpering for ways to please me…and although I prefer you to use your own creative ideas once in a while, I think I’m making it quite clear what I want.

Don’t think of this as humiliation, think of it as a  sacrifice you are offering up to me. Suck that cock off to ready it for me. Or if you aren’t ready to handle that yet, How bout you just face it head on lol…Think of it as  CUCK-kake rather than bukkake.


If fact if you do a good job and clean up after yourself -every last droplet ….maybe I’ll let you get a taste of  homemade freshly-whipped and straight from the vine crème de la femme (cream pie). You may have to beg me first…