Nightmare Humiliation Trance Dance Part 3

That cruel accuracy and cold calculations of the ruler gauged you at barely 4 inches while hard. A huge “4” is indelibly scribbled on your forehead with red ink and slashed with exclamations and underlines for emphasis. Everyone was laughing with delight. The ruler wasn’t even needed it was just for the sheer traditional, ritualized humiliation of it!

I moved toward you to try and make your pathetic self feel better but as I tried to zip your pants back up, I saddled up to you a bit too closely, my fingertips repeatedly brushed the head of your pathetic little penile protrusion…..(on purpose perhaps)???  You then jitzed out a sad little stringy stream of loser juice barely making a puddle!! Surely this must have been unreal, a mistake…it wasn’t what it seemed…was it? Everything was happening so fast and your head was spinning. You felt queasy, sick in the pit of your stomach.


I then laughed with more than slight contempt and said that I’d bring you back an autograph or souvenir, from the other side of the VIP lounge. You wanted to flee into the night and escape as everyone snickered. Adding supreme insult to injury –it was clear I wasn’t  sincere about ever really caring about you and then was whisked away into a gyrating mob surrounded by sexy oiled up bodies. Now I could properly be adored by those that were worthy. Did I even notice you anymore anyway? How long have I ignored your attempts at affection and attention?  They were all lathered into a frenzy and clear for all to see from the glass enclosed floor -which was the ceiling to the club below that was full of mere mortal perverts such as yourself.  Why did it seem you were actually aroused by degradation? Did that limp cock twitch a bit in delight??

~*Fiona the Femme Fatale*~
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