Nightmare Humiliation Trance Dance

The alphas whisked me away to the VIP. You sauntered behind like a puppy hoping for admittance.

Upon arriving at the entrance to the VIP loft you saw inside all the athletes had glommed onto hot girls; Most in flimsy apparel, some in barely-there bra and panties. As you attempted to enter beyond the velvet rope to a veritable wonderland of the senses, a hot, little tan, blonde, wisp of a girl stopped you and said, “no tiny men allowed admittance,” while she attempted and failed to stifle and suppress torrents of laughter and  almost swallowed her gum with amusement in the process of doing so.


You of course started to protest so she relented and stated you must first pass a test. She started disrobing you below the belt and while everyone paused, all eyes upon you… turned ghostly white, wrought with panic and I just winked at you.  There, beneath the glaring gaze of all the patrons, your teeny-tiny, itty-bitty, piss-poor excuse for a pathetic dick shyly peaked out looking shriveled and anemic.  A cacophony of overlapping gasps and laughter spilled forth and erupted into your eardrums drowning out and engulfing your mind clearing rational thought from it. You had entered a dreamscape -or more fittingly a nightmare.


The sexy blonde bartender started hysterically and unabashedly laughing and chanted that you are going to most likely be inducted into the Smallest Erect Dick Hall of Shame 2014. You are unmatched and have broken all the preceding records of small cocks in the entire history of the club! This was even worse than the sobering sensation of being sexually ignored by your own girlfriend….laughter and ridicule abounded.

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