This is a modified version of a interactive story inspired by  a caller and a humiliation session. I am more of a sensual mistress generally and this is harsher than my usual style but it was quite fitting in the context of the fetish fantasy/erotic role play and shows my range. This is not for the faint of heart. Small cocks may explode under pressure. 😉



Nightmare Humiliation Trance Dance

Vague memories seep in and out of consciousness in you throbbing head. Did that really actually happen??…..


The club was hopping that night. Steam and perspiration rolled off of everyone’s dancing bodies. I was a vision to behold in tight clinging turquoise-barely-there translucent encasement -a mere slip of a dress that looked more like a negligee. It clung as snug as possible over my firm figure. With every step I took, my body shimmered in sequined radiance as if I wore nothing at all but morning dewdrops.


Men everywhere had their eyes glued to these amazing assets of mine.  You could even see through my scantily swinging dress, the purple lacy thong riding up between my cheeks & thighs. You could feel alpha men staring at my body as it bounced and swayed. I seemed to find every opportunity to bend and wiggle a little so you could feel the music as it caused my behind to jiggle and gyrate in hypnotic ways. The attention I was receiving was addictive and made me almost forget my little inadequate man was even there, making you feel more and more impotent by the second.


I reminded you of your inadequacy by playfully grinding my cheeks into your puny little body as if to inform you that you’re reek of inadequacy radiated for all to sense.


Then with a wink, I turned to feast my opal eyes on all the Alpha men dancing gravitating and rotating towards my hypnotic orbit. You could feel yourself shrinking and becoming more and more invisible as my strappy heels punctured the smooth floor and echoed with a hypnotic rhythm.


~*Fiona the Femme Fatale*~
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