In my year book I was voted “Future Professional Heartbreaker”
Who would have guessed just how apt that prediction would be? Certainly not me. I may have always had a string of big eyed puppy-love-struck guys underfoot but I was always a “good girl” that never courted or meant to get that sort of attention.

I was valedictorian and part of the national honor society, 3rd basewoman on our softball team and I really didn’t have time for guys and always thought of myself as a gamer geek. But then in college something integral changed.

I still to this day am a little overachiever always too busy with her next project or venture to keep still but there is one major difference: I decided to embrace and indulge in my ability to dominate dick and enjoy men. A passion that is yet another little ace hidden up my sleeve.

How did this transition transpire you ask? Simple, one of my best gal friends introduced me to female domination. She was a dominatrix and believed in the divine power of sexuality.

She was (and is) drop-to-your-knees gorgeous inside and out and can get a man to do her bidding with just a wink or a smile as they all are so eager to please her. I didn’t know how to embrace this myself as it made me nervous at first but it was mesmerizing to behold.

Then after my first experience with heartbreak something changed in me. I came to the realization that deep down I knew I deserved the very best and there was no need to fret or people-please my way into someone’s heart of hearts.
It’s my duty to myself to be exactly who I want to be and fulfill myself. Once I managed that, I was way more at ease enjoying the adoration of man attention since it became like a fun game. It is a luxury not a necessity and damn, is it a lot of fun.

Here I thought I lost myself in that relationship but in fact I was just still morphing into the woman I am today. And that woman is a cock-teasing, orgasm-denying, ass-pinching, OTK-spanking, playful and sensual Goddess.