My Phallus Philosophy

Chicks that dominate dicks have a very simple philosophy: The cock is akin to the remote control for the vast majority of men. Having you on the leash of that shaft can be as simple and subtle as deploying a sultry gaze, an “accidental” glance in the direction of that crotch, a sweet little sway of the hips while sashaying past, the quick glint of a hint of interest or a seemingly innocent, coquettish giggle or even the thinly veiled double entendre flippantly slipped in casual conversation. The tease is a little taste of what a woman can do but not a promise of what we will do with you.

Effortlessly engaging the imagination is key and this is where the art of casual mind fuckery comes into play: A woman doesn’t need to have direct contact with said cock. In fact, some of the more potentially potent strings pulling on that prick are just the mere suggestion of flirtation. We ladies can play the penis like an instrument merely by strumming and stroking the desire for more mentally.

Of course every man is unique and therefore has different hot buttons in the erogenous zone of the mental landscape but they all flow to and from the core of that cock.  Half the fun for a tease like me is fiddling around and finding which ones elicit the most effective response. Once I reach that point in which the cock is captured and is proverbial putty in my hands, is when things really get interesting.  I can’t imagine a more fascinating phallus philosophy!