Mistress Mail Q/A

Mistress Mail  Femdom Q/A from email questions:

“What’s your type?” -Lucas

I get this question very often. I guess the common denominator of ALL my fave types of boy toys is they all possess the following:

  • a strong artistic/creative bent
  • wickedly witty sense of humor
  • an open & sharp mind, compassion
  • a healthy distrust of blind faith in the status quo.
  • It should go without saying that they all must be able to deal with a fully liberated lady. One who has no use for a conventional style of living.

“What is your fave cocktail?” -Sammy

Whiskey Sour in the fall, Hot Toddies in the winter, and Frozen Margaritas in the spring/summer. I also have a soft spot for the Trailer Park Princess. I developed a taste for when living in the boonies of VA. It’s basically a cherry Artic Rush from Dairy Queen mixed with vodka. Like everything else, I like variety in my drinks. 😉

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” -Carrie

I hope to still be kicking around this world and continuing my tyranny on unsuspecting subbies. 😉 I feel I have in many ways lived many lifetimes crammed in my two decades on this planet. Since I am happy, I figure I must have done something right to wind up feeling as content as I am currently. Happiness is a choice I try to dedicate myself to and I encourage everyone to do the same. After all, we should live lavishly, darlings!

“What is a fetish you are dying to try but have not yet had the opportunity to?” -Toni

I guess it would be considered a subset of  food fetish/sexy food play, human furniture and  CFNM. It would be  Nantaimori! This is the act of eating sushi off of a (sexy) naked and vulnerable man. (Nyotaimori is the Female form of “body sushi” in which it’s a woman that’s decorated as a platter/table for the entrée).

Sexy Food

I love the idea of a well-sculpted, muscular man being made to submit to me. The sushi, in my case I prefer veggie sushi such as avocado, cucumber and tofu, is served on a bed of long banana leaves and the model’s body temperature warms up the sushi to the perfect degree. I have yet to find a suitable boy-toy that can stay still enough and isn’t too ticklish for this endeavor though. In my fantasy he hand-rolls the sushi himself  AND washes the dishes after. – 😉

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