Mocha Choca Lata Ya Ya

Mocha Choca Latta Ya Ya

A few things I love about the approaching autumn:

  • Sky high thigh high boots (thanks Peter Teaser for the sexy as sin pair you gave me)
  • Cool temps mean hosiery and stockings and tights are wearable again with bootie-ful curves peeking out from under casahmere silky soft sweaters.
  • Canoodling, necking and making mischief by the soft and cozy light of the hearth.
  • Teas, chai, mocha and hot chocolate
  • Halloween -the perfect excuse to be a sissy slut for a day and get your glam on!
  • Body heat -sharing to stay warm of course
  • Rosy cheeks from the crisp air
  • Staying in bed all weekend making a personal little den of divine deviance to beat the chill.
  • caterwauling and letting our devilish feral side come out to play in the moonlight
  • Cold nips poking through on high beams 😉

And now from my little doll -Sissy  Missy Petey Cream Puff.  He is no virgin to perversion and is always fun to play with 😉


Hello Ms Fiona-just reading your latest blog and you said you wanted steamy stories I have one for you in which you & Ms Cindy caught me wearing her bra/panty set with heels & lipstick. I just got home from salon waxing and wanted to take shower to get rid of wax feeling on my skin. When I got out of the shower I noticed my underwear was missing and all there was in my drawer was bras & panties. It was urge that made me try her matching bra/panty set on and It felt so good against my soft, waxed girlish smooth skin. I then put them both on with her mules/lipstick then layered on my bed to get off.

What I didn’t know was both of you were home spying on me taking pictures and video of me when I thought both of you were out of town but weren’t. When both of you walked in on me I was like a dear in headlights. I tried to explain but both of you giggled at me then put your arms around me saying how cute and adorable I looked then gave me lipstick kisses on my cheeks. Both of you said the 3 of us were going to go to Victoria’s Secret to buy bras/panties for me along with dresses.

You both had me wear women’s leggings with long girlish sweater along worn knee high boots:( once there you sprayed perfume on me then put very sexy lotion on me to smell girlish. Then you put blush on my cheeks. Ms Cindy then picked out some bras and panties for me to try on. I tried to resist and protest but both of you giggled at me and said no guy would ever let 2 hit women do this to them. Then you both took me to fitting room to try on my bra/panty set. I was so embarrassed, weak,helpless,submissive & feminine when the 2 of you took me out of fitting room for everyone to see.

Then both of you put me in middle of you and took me to try on shades of lipstick. Everyone in store was giggling and taking pictures of me with there phones. With Ms Cindy holding me I couldn’t escape then you grabbed tube of burgendy shade of lipstick and started applying on my lips. You told Ms Cindy we have a cream puff sissy doll to play with now as both of you giggled and noticed my hard on:( it was so much that I made a mess in my panties. Both of you said by cumming I belong to both of you and if I protest you will show the pictures & video of me getting off. As both of you giggled at me all I could say was yes mistresses and I was both of yours cream puff sissy forever.

If you want to you can add this to your blog. Ms Cindy said it was ok and she mentioned she wants all the mistresses and fellow sissies to notice what she did to me and turned me into with the guidance of a hot mistress when you get caught wearing her lingerie/clothes.

Thanks for the hot blog and look forward to calling you again!!!

Thank you hun