My Lovely pet Lexi contributed this amazing story! It’s the perfect darkly mystical fairy tale erotic fantasy about her Mistresses which is perfect for the Witching Season:

mistress dark woods

I walked across the foggy meadow and crossed paths with the sexy visage of Ms. Claudia. She immediately approached, blindfolded me and guided me through the big oak trees. She then walked me right into Mistress Fiona’s Spider web. Mistress Claudia used her femdom powers to have me sprawl out spread eagle style as the bewitching Ms. Fiona welcomed me to her forest. I can’t believe I’m in the midst of two Mistresses!

As she inspected her prey, she started running her fingers across my body and the two of them tore my clothes off and each picked up a branch and marked my back and bottom. Then, as I buckled in the web they came around to the front of me and applied my sissy makeup flawlessly. They cut me from the web and dressing me in a cute school girl outfit. I was told to run to the adjacent cemetery. As I did, they used their erotic witchcraft and turned the broomstick into a huge dildo shaped besom. They flew by and tied me down and had their way with me.

I was released from the broom afterwards but forced to run to the mausoleums where I was blindfolded. They told me each of them both had a different kink -from body worhsip to sexual humiliation  and I was going to have to please and finish them both off. Then, I wold have to correctly identify which service I performed for which mistress. Which was Claudia and which was Ms. Fiona who I was just served?

Oh, Lexi! I just know you looked so sexy in the little outfit we put you in and we both love blindfold domination The mythical Cimmerian darkness of the woods must have felt so immense and elemental and you were so vulnerable and exposed for us Mistresses while in our crafty clutches. I love the idea of a cock-shaped broom to consecrate the full moon.


Thank you so much for a wondrously orgasmic experience. Do you think you guessed correctly? Either way, we will recapture and keep you in our web for our future femdom devious purposes: our pleasure. 😉