Mistresses Misbehaving Magic

Mistresses Misbehaving Magic

When multi-mistresses come out to play some subbies are gonna have to pay….


I have had quite the busy time as of late dominating with my fellow Mistress sistahs:

*The lovely Mistress Violet and I taught a little foot slut a lesson. We started by modeling barefoot sandals and toe rings but were quickly sidetracked by surprise and dismay. You see our little pet made the mistake of getting caught stealing as pair of Ms. Violet’s La Perla panties and then had the audacity to wear them in front of us.

We could see them playing peek-a-boo from his pants!! So together we made sure to bring him to his knees with a session of sensual tease. We ended up using him as our personal pedestal, a human footstool to be exact. (Makes me madly crave a whole house FULL of human furniture) Then with our adorable little feet we took turns spanking and slapping him. I am sure we left cute little footprints all along his pink backside. As a grand finale he was made to suckle and worship our feet and pay proper respect to our tootsies.

Mistress Rita

*The sensual Mistress Rita and I orchestrated the decoration of a divine wedding dress with the gauzy glaze of cum –that blushing femme bride was thrilled for that “something borrowed.” I know our little Miss. enjoyed a white wedding with more than just bells ringing. All fresh-faced from a frothy facial of cum. Like any true fairytale, we made sure there was a happy ending.


Then the delicious dominate Kaylee and I helped celebrate a belated b-day with a divine role-play involving a couple driven to submission by a young up-and-cumming entrepreneur. I switched to a submissive role and surrendered under Kaylee’s seductively decadent discipline.  I think she was pleased with me but she made my subbie hubby her little cumslut  and when he had a little spill, she was sure not to reprimand him half-assed. She paddled both cheeks of her new boy toy till they were shiny and bright!


I wonder what dynamic duo mistress call fun will await me with the next “B-b-bring of my phone? The possibilities are endless pets! Do you think you can keep up two mistress minds in a sexual role-play?  They are even better than one! Do be careful though as you will be outnumbered.  Heehee 😉

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