Erotic Etiquette

As we all know there are times when sex of any kind not just in the shadows of BDSM can be succulently  gritty, infused with  strong urges and primal need. Hair gets pulled, backs clawed, moans and whimpers that barely sound like our own voices reverberate forth with a guttural growl in mutual jubilant elicitation. Yes, sometimes sex is sweaty, wet, hot, dirty, rough and messy.  Please and thank-you are not required or even desired in an instance wherein you just want to take and be taken.What happens between the sheets for for that matter in the car, on the balcony, under the stars, on the counter etc., is wholly separate from the passive politeness and formality that is a cornerstone of societal civility.There is still a place of importance for erotic etiquette.

What if any place does nice etiquette have when doing the nasty?

Mutual Respect  is the main ingredient in the dom/sub dynamic. Even humiliation whores and small dicked cuckies have hard limits and boundaries that a Mistress should honor and observe by keeping witin the bounds of them.

Be generous with your time don’t rush -don’t cheat yourself or your partner(s) out of one morsel of pleasure. Share and share alike enjoy the moment and savor the sin-sation

Be attentive anything worth doing is worth doing right so mute and put on pause all the mundane banalities of the everyday -they aren’t going anywhere so don’t worry.-

Be honest. So that trust in the erotic arena can flourish communicate and express your truth. Don’t be afraid to be who you are As Dr. Suess so aptly put it:

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

 By Janet Willow

By Janet Willow -Love this Doll! xoxo

~**Give It Your All & Put Everything Into The Experience**~

Think of it as a Pot-luck (perhaps  a Pot-Fuck if you will?) If you attend you must bring something with you to the table. You don’t just show up and think gracing others with your presence is what it’s all about that’s just the launching point. Sex is interactive, the ultimate contact sport. It’s a sexy scrimmage the requires you to bring your A-game to the when you engage . That’s right even for you voyeurs sex isn’t just a spectator sport. You still bring an energy into the mix which can effect the dynamic in a positive or negative way. intimacy is first and foremost an energy exchange on the deepest level so bring your full self.