Mistress Styles and Profiles

Hello lovelies! Today’s post is all about Mistress styles, profiles and personalized domination preferences. My About Me, Portfolio of Pleasures and Session Tips blog sections touch upon my personal preferences and perverse proclivities, however it’s your passions that are what primarily intrigue me and I’ll tell you why.  Femdoms love there little subpups hard and hot so that I we can maximize our power and  exert it over each of you by utilizing your own erotic desires. I have heard uninitiated pets make mention casually that they find it to be a turn-off when women they date ask what gets them excited because they want the woman to automatically take reins and start telling them what to do and what to like.

Oh silly little subbies, don’t you see? We women (not just us mistresses) are already are in control whether you know it or not! Our domination and your supplication is all about exploring your psyche together. Getting to the core, “nucleus” of  your id which is programmed to act upon the pleasure principle of your sexual drive.

Mistresses tease all the urges up to the top and forefront of your thoughts. However, it’s your job to let us connect the dots and explore the resulting picture it paints together. Even if we sense what it is you seek right away, it isn’t until you can conceptualize and express those deeply entrenched inner longings that you can be dedicated and beholden to us completely. Once you activate your imagination and open yourself up to the possibilities then you become ripe and ready to be pounced upon. You must first be ready to play by our rules.  It’s our prerogative and our penis now isn’t it?

Choosing the Right Mistress

Here is your version to fill out:  My Perfect Mistress

You can also contact the fabulous cock concierge  to sate your urge!


Here is my version:

Describe your ideal Phone subbie:

  • Respectful at all times
  • Communicative
  • Open-Minded
  • Polite
  • Puts in an effort equal to my own

What Fetishes do you specialize in?

  • Cuckold Calls
  • Sissy Missies
  • Tease and Denial
  • Role-Playing/Erotic Storytelling (Hearing or Telling)/Vanilla
  • Listening to your fetishes and confessions/exploits/confessionals
  • I love all we offer here at the empire but I am primarily more sensual. I will do hardcore if expressly requested and I deem it appropriate.

Which fetishes do NOT interest you?

(Of the options at the empire)

N/A I love them all but I don’t yell or scream -so not sexy!

What is your style of orgasm denial?

A combination of relentless cock teasing and mere tastes of pleasure coupled with blue balling ya at my discretion.

 Which best describes you?

-I want to find a phone submissive to call on a regular basis. Course this is ideal, I am also open to casual convos and calls as well. 😉

 Which best describes you?

I am into smart and sexy sensual domination I am open to switch for the rare and special few.

For age, I prefer…

(So long as you are 18+)

Doesn’t matter

 When it comes to bisexuality, is it:

I love it – bring on the cocks/cunts

 Call Length Preferences:

Open to all from 10 min. to 5 ½ hours & I have had all sorts lol

 I usually take calls…

Earliest on average 10 am EST  till 4 am at the latest unless by special request

My primary reason for being into phone sex is:

  • Erotic pleasure both giving (and receiving if you are worthy)
  • Cock teasing inflicted blue balls
  • Fun and intelligent conversation

During an erotic phone session, I like to:

Listen and talk equally.

In addition to erotic interests, I prefer someone who can converse about:

  • Music
  • Movies
  • Literature

 Between phone sessions, do you like to email or Instant Message?

Yes to both!

I prefer someone who is:

Friendly and likes a sensual mistress w/ a side order of bitchy to taste

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~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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XOXOX, Fiona