Mistress Olympics Blog Entry

By the Extremely Talented JJ

-Thanks For Sharing Your Fabulous Creativity xoxxo- Fiona

Hello everyone.  I want to thank Mistress Fiona’s anonymous caller for suggesting this interesting topic for a guest blog writing project.  Of course, I also must thank Mistress Fiona herself for her great inspiration for these stories. Also, for not only accepting these guest blog entries, but also suggesting and encouraging them.  Of course, I also must thank Mistress Fiona for passing on this interesting idea that her anonymous caller had suggested.  Once I had heard the idea of a ‘Mistress  Olympics’ concept, it got me thinking. I thought about all the different directions and the possible themes that such an adventure could take.

Mistress Olympics Dedication

The story below is dedicated to Mistress Fiona and her creative inspiration. It’s also dedicated to the anonymous caller who made the suggestion.  I do hope what I have written & the direction that I have chosen to take this idea, meets with the approval of the caller.  All of you Mistresses, other callers, general fans, & any readers, please enjoy the story.

As a final comment, let me add that anyone who wishes to carry the story forward for other ‘Mistress Olympics’ events, please do.  Whether the story will be starring Mistress Fiona, or any of the other fantastic LDW Mistresses, please feel free to do so, and have fun with the concept.



Mistress Olympics & Brad the Subbie

My name is Brad.  I have been a submissive and boy toy pet to Mistress Fiona for nearly six months now.  Wow, how the months have just flown by.  I have a high powered day job in investing. I deal with many different people in my daily work.  One of my workers and I discussed our girlfriends last year, and somehow the topic of the conversation turned much more personal.  In the end, we both told the other that we were submissive. We also both had Domme women as our girlfriends and Mistresses.  Even though we shared that we each other, we didn’t inform anyone else.  As time went on, we hung out for lunch occasionally and discussed things about our Mistress girlfriends and other topics of interest.

Interesting Competition

One day my coworker told me about a very interesting competition that would be taking place in just a few months time, a ‘Mistress Olympics’ event with awards and prize money for each event.  I read the flyer that he showed me.  Immediately, I wanted to tell my Mistress Fiona all about this event.  Also, I wanted to convince her that she should join up.  Some part of me briefly contemplated the idea of entering Mistress Fiona into the competition without her prior consent, but I quickly convinced myself that would be a very bad idea.  I instinctively knew that my Mistress would most certainly be quite upset with me for doing something like that without her prior approval and consent.


I made a copy of the flyer and I brought it home with me.  One of first duties after work is that I fix my Mistress Fiona her dinner and serve her.  Once dinner is done, my Mistress relaxes with wine and television while I clean up.  After my Mistresses’ dinner is cleaned up, I am allowed to heat up my own dinner.  Later that evening, after I had finished my dinner and everything was cleaned to Mistress Fiona’s specifications, I knew that I could approach her with my suggestion.  Politely and quietly, I waited by the recreation room door while my Mistress was watching her favorite television shows.  I wouldn’t dare do or say anything before I heard her acknowledgement of me.

“Yes, my pet,” Mistress Fiona asked me, as she turned my direction and her smoldering blue eyes looked me up and down.

Very politely, I replied, “I’m sorry to disturb my Mistress, but I heard about something at work that I thought you would find interesting, Mistress Fiona.”

“Tell me,” my Mistress then said, as she looked at me with a curious expression on her pretty face.

I carefully handed the photocopied flyer for the Mistress Olympics to Mistress Fiona.

After she did so, I mentioned that I would like to discuss something that I had heard at work.  She allowed me to do so and I told Mistress Fiona all about the ‘Mistress Olympics’ that I had heard about from my co-worker.


The idea of the Olympics did intrigue my Mistress a lot and she asked for the flyer.  I handed it over to Mistress Fiona, and she read it over.  She informed me that she would think about it and that I should finish my evening duties.  I understood that to mean that the conversation was done and my Mistress wished to return to her television shows.

As she ate her breakfast, which I had prepared, in the morning, Mistress Fiona said, “I slept on that little flyer idea of yours, about the ‘Mistress Olympics’ and I think it looks like fun.  You, of course, will be my partner for the cock stroking contest.”

“Yes, Mistress.  Thank you, Mistress,” I said with a huge smile on my face.  “Would you like me to take care of the entry paperwork for you?”

Mistress Fiona answered, “You may start the paperwork, but you will not submit anything until I have read it over and signed off.”

“Of course, Mistress,” I replied softly, but I beamed happily.

That evening after dinner Mistress Fiona read over the application paperwork.  “Good job,” she purred as she signed her name and then gave me back the paperwork to send in the application.


Time Ticked By

Time ticked by and it was over three weeks later that Mistress Fiona received a later back from the local ‘Olympics’ entry review committee, and her application had been accepted.

After my Mistress had been accepted to the Olympics competition, she told me, “We both need to train up to be ready for the Mistress competition.”  Mistress Fiona added, “The rules state that I will be stroking my opposing Mistress’ slave boy, and she will be stroking you off, my pet.”  On went my Mistress as she said, “The slave boy toy who can last the longest under the opposing Mistress’ erotic touch wins that round of competition for his Mistress.”

The following morning, Mistress Fiona told me, “I am going to bring a different girlfriend home every night for the next several weeks.  You will be blindfolded and you stand at attention with your hands tied behind your back, just like you will be for the competition.  My girlfriend will then stroke you off until you cum, and I will time you to test how long you last under these different touches.”

The end…for now TO BE CONTINUED

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