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Mistress Olympics Blog Entry – Part 4


I wish to express my sincere thanks to everyone who had posted feedback and comments about the third part of this story. I have to say that I am thrilled that you all enjoyed the level of the detail and realism of the scenes and the training and punishment sessions. You all have my word that I will endeavor to do my best to continue that same level of authenticity in this part, and the future parts, of the story.

Everyone please enjoy this next part of the ‘Mistress Olympics’ storyline.



Once again, this is Brad, and I still have more to tell you about my training sessions for the first part of the ‘Mistress Olympics’ competition. The day of the start of ‘slave stroking contest’ got closer and closer with each day that passed.

The morning after my latest training session, the session with Mistresses Fiona and Amber, where I ended up with a load of my Mistresses bull lover Pete’s cum down my throat. Mistress Fiona informed me that she needed to ramp up my training so I was ready for the start of the competition.

In the same pattern as my previous training sessions, I prepared and ate my dinner alone in the kitchen at home. Mistress Fiona, one her Mistress girlfriends, and one of her bull lovers went out for a fancy dinner out together. When my Mistress informed me via text message that her dinner had finished and that they were all returning, that was my cue to get ready in Mistress Fiona’s office and quietly wait there for the arrival of the trio.

Right at the expected time, I heard the door open. The sound of the door as it closed was immediately followed by the soft giggles of two female voices as they conversed along with a single deeper, rougher male voice. One of the female voices I definitely recognized as that of my Mistress, Fiona, but I had never heard the other female voice or the male voice before.

The voices grew louder with each minute that passed. If that wasn’t enough, the echoes of steps on the hardwood floor also grew louder as the trio ascended the stairs to the second floor of the spacious home. I heard the voices right outside the door and then a moment later the door opened.

Mistress Fiona stepped in first, “Hello, pet,” she purred at me. “Are you ready for another evening of training for the slave stroking contest?”

“Of course, Mistress,” I answered eagerly with my head down and eyes averted.

“Good answer, pet,” my Mistress said with a devious smile. “You may look at me, pet.” She moved out of the doorway and allowed the other Mistress and the bull lover to enter the room. Mistress Fiona turned to the other woman, she was a young woman of a similar age to Mistress Fiona with long brown hair and deep dark eyes. “This is another one of my very good Mistress friends, pet. Say hello to Mistress Cindy.”

I bowed and said very respectfully, “Good evening, Mistress Cindy. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“And it is very nice to meet you as well, pet,” Mistress Cindy replied with a sweet, but wicked smile.

Mistress Fiona continued as she motioned toward the man and said, “And this masculine specimen is Mistress Cindy’s bull lover. His name is Frank.”

“Hello, Frank. It’s my pleasure,” I replied nervously as I looked at the large, muscular and bald black man. The sizable bulge in the front of his pants was unmistakable and difficult not to notice under the tightly fitted jeans that he wore.

The big man looked me over and answered, “You too, pet.” He had a deep and powerful masculine voice, just like you would expect from such a chiseled and strong man.

My Mistress handed Mistress Cindy the key to my cock cage as the two gorgeous young Mistresses stepped around each other. Mistress Cindy moved over toward me, while Mistress Fiona stepped closer to bull lover Frank. My Mistress Fiona purred softly as she squatted down in front of Frank and then traced her sexy fingers along the outline of his hard shaft. Mistress Fiona was clearly very careful to never get too close to actually touch his prick. Then she delicately opened his jeans and zipper and then tugged the jeans down off his muscular legs so he could step out of them. Frank’s hard rod bounced to full attention right before my Mistress Fiona’s bright blue eyes.

Meanwhile, a short distance away from Mistress Fiona and bull lover Frank, Mistress Cindy inserted the small silver key into the lock on my cock cage. The Mistress carefully began to remove the device, and a short time later my less than adequate prick was free.

“Get ready,” Mistress Fiona said to her friend Mistress Cindy. “Okay…” Then finally, as my Mistress pushed the button to start the timer, she said, “Begin!”

Both gorgeous young Mistresses began to stroke and massage the cocks before them. Mistress Cindy expertly worked on my dick. I could see that she had a tough time holding in the laugh as she saw just how inadequate my cock was, even when fully erect and hard under her expert touch. She whispered breathily into my ear, “Cum, pet. I know you want to. Just let it go and blow that load.”

Just a short distance away, Mistress Fiona similarly went to work on Frank’s huge pole. The sparkle in my Mistress’ eyes was unmistakable as she worked on that huge thick shaft and made it grow in larger and thicker as she got the muscular black man fully aroused. “Come on, Frank, baby. Cum for me, stud. Blow that load for me. You can go it. Let it go and shoot that cum.”

On and on the two Mistresses went as they continued to stroke off both of us. I looked over toward Frank and I could see Mistress Fiona as she worked on his prick, while I could feel every touch from Mistress Cindy on my hard, but still inadequate dick. They coaxed us both as they whispered sexily into our ears to increase their arousal and make us cum first. The minutes ticked by on the timer as the seductive young women kept up their erotic touches and stroked as quickly as they could. I gasped repeatedly as young Mistress Cindy got me close to the point of orgasm several times, but I somehow managed to back myself away from the brink.

I heard a loud grunt from beside me. It was Frank. At that same moment when he had cum for Mistress Fiona, Mistress Cindy also hit my sweet spot and I had cum too. Both of the Mistresses carefully aimed the spurts of cum and the streams of the gooey milky white jizz made a couple of messes on the pristinely varnished hardwood floors of the office in front of the men.

The timing when we both shot our loads was so close that it was declared a tie. Bull lover Frank and Mistress Cindy thought he had edged out a victory, while I believed that I had outlasted the big strong lover. That left Mistress Fiona as the final vote, and her decision could either make it a statistic tie or give the win to her Mistress friend and the bull lover.

Nervously I waited, as I hoped and thought that my Mistress would take my side. Finally, she said, “I’m sorry pet, but I have to give the edge to Frank. Unfortunately, my pet, even though you held back and bull lover Frank actually shot his load first, just look at these puddles of cum.” I looked at the two puddles of cum, side by side, and Mistress Fiona’s comment was readily noticeable. My puddle of cum was more like a few drops and dribbles of the milky goo, while bull lover Frank’s puddle was a far larger and voluminous stain on the floor.

I lowered my head and said, “Thank you, Mistress. Sorry Mistress.”

Mistress Fiona smiled and said, “You didn’t win pet, but you did exceptionally well, and you nearly tied with your bull lover opponent.” My Mistress continued, “Additionally, you increased your time before you shot your load by nearly five extra minutes. I’m very proud of you, pet.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” I said softly, with my head still down.

Mistress Cindy smiled at her bull lover Frank and gave him a kiss. “Great job, lover. We’ll celebrate back at my place,” the Mistress cooed seductively at the big man. “You did well, pet. Mistress Fiona shouldn’t punish you too badly,” the new Mistress told me.

“Yes, pet, I’m afraid that Mistress Cindy is right. Since you lost, you do need to be punished, but it will be tempered by the fact that you did well with your stamina time, and you nearly tied the bull lover.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said. “Thank you, Mistress,” I added as I gulped.

“It is okay, my pet, Brad,” Mistress Fiona purred at me in her intoxicating sweet voice.

Mistress Cindy walked with her bull lover Frank, and after a quick hug with her friend Mistress Fiona and a couple whispered comments and laughs, the pair departed. I did as I knew was expected of me and I closed and locked the front door behind them, and then I returned to Mistress Fiona in her office.

“Back to your place,” Mistress Fiona told me.

I quickly did as my Mistress ordered and I went back to my spot in front of the dribbles of cum that had erupted from my inadequate prick.

Mistress Fiona paced back and forth in front of me for a few moments, before she told me, “Pet, for your punishment, you need to clean up this cum on MY hardwood floors.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied. “I’ll go get the cleaning supplies.”

Her bright blue eyes flickered as Mistress Fiona said, “That’s not necessary, pet Brad. You will use your tongue. And I want that hardwood floor to sparkle when you are done.”

I gulped and answered, “Of course, Mistress. Yes, Mistress.”

My Mistress stood there and she tapped her foot impatiently as she waited for me to get started. I got down on my hands and knees and I leaned forward. I stuck out my tongue as I licked up the drips and drops of my own cum that had drizzled on to the beautifully varnished floor. Just like when I sucked bull lover Pete’s cock a few days ago, the salty and gooey cum left an unmistakable taste in my mouth. Back and forth and up and down I licked as I carefully cleaned up the entire area where my cum had covered the floor. As I was told to do, I licked up every last bit of my salty cum from the hardwood.

“Frank’s cum too,” Mistress Fiona told me as she looked down disinterestedly at her manicured nails.

Quickly, I scrambled over to where Frank had stood a short time ago and again, I knelt down and bent forward to lap up the puddle of cum that the big strong man had left behind. There was a lot more cum that Frank had left behind, and it was difficult for me to lap it all up without it making an even larger mess. I stuck out my tongue and slurped up every bit that I could. Mistress Fiona made sure that I had swallowed down every drop. Once I had all the cum cleaned up, then I had to wash off the two sections of the hardwood floor.

“Your final task is that I expect you to varnish those sections of the wood floor again. I don’t them to have any evidence of any cum stains,” Mistress Fiona ordered me.

I answered, “Yes Mistress. The floor will be varnished again.”

“Good,” Mistress Fiona told me. “After you are done, then you can get to sleep for the night.”

Mistress Fiona explained, “Tomorrow evening is your final training night before the actual ‘Mistress Olympics’ event starts. Make sure you get plenty of sleep so you are ready for this last session.”

At that, Mistress Fiona left for bed, and left me alone in the office to finish with the floor.

To be continued….

P.S. There are several more parts left for this first segment of the ‘Mistress Olympcs.’ The last training will be one part, and then several additional parts for the Olympics event itself.