Mistress Olympics Pt. 3 continued from Mistress Olympics Pt. 2

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Mistress Olympics Pt.4

This is Brad, once again. After my last ‘Mistress Olympics’ training, which was provided by Mistress Fiona’s good friend and fellow Mistress, Mistress Eva, I received the next evening off from training as a reward from Mistress Fiona. On the next morning, after Mistress Fiona had finished her breakfast and I had cleaned up the kitchen and dining area, I got myself ready to leave for my day at work.

Before I left for work, Mistress Fiona told me that I didn’t need to have her dinner prepared for the evening. She told me that she, one of her Mistress friends, and one of her bull lovers were all having a nice dinner out at a great restaurant. My Mistress then added that all of three of them would return here, to her home, and she would message me so I could be prepared for their arrival. Mistress Fiona told me that my training for the ‘Mistress Olympics’ competition would be continued this evening.

My Mistress

My work day lasted forever. The minutes and hours seemed to be in slow motion as I waited for the day to end. Finally, work finished and returned home. With no one else in the house, I made my dinner and ate. After I had cleaned everything up, like I had been instructed to do for my Mistress, I went to my room.  I nervously fidgeted as I waited for the text message from My Mistress. Finally, just after eight o’clock in the evening, my phone buzzed and the message informed me that Mistress Fiona and her dinner companions had just left the restaurant and would be home soon.

Approximately twenty minutes later, I left my room and went to Mistress Fiona’s private office just down the hall. There, I did as I was directed to do. Then, I stripped out of my clothes. After I was fully undressed except for my cock cage, I put on the blindfold. My hands were held behind my back and my less than adequate prick twitched nervously, as I stood quietly in the dimly lit room & waited for my Mistress Fiona.

Mistress Fiona’s Office

The wait didn’t last long, and within ten minutes of my being fully ready in Mistress Fiona’s office, I heard the front door open. A few seconds after I the door, I heard the soft giggle of my Mistress’ voice. Along with the voice which I immediately recognized as that of Mistress Fiona, I heard another female voice, and the voice of a man, a deep, rough, and masculine sound. The voices got closer and closer with each minute that passed. An echo of high heeled steps on the stairs and hardwood floor hallway was unmistakable. The steps grew louder as they moved ever closer.

Finally, the door to Mistress Fiona’s private office creaked open, and my Mistress looked inside.

A broad and wicked smile on her pretty face. “Hello, my pet,” she said in that sugary sweet voice of hers that made me the most nervous.After a short pause at the doorway, my Mistress stepped fully into her office. Mistress Fiona was dressed as gorgeous as always in a sexy black knee length dress that hugged every curve on her luscious body. Black high heeled pumps completed the outfit.

Mistress Amber

Right behind Mistress Fiona, another woman walked into the room. She was a little more mature than my Mistress and absolutely stunning. Her long red hair flowed perfectly as she strutted around in her tight red dress and matched red heels. Mistress Fiona then took the other woman by the hand and turned to me as she said, “This, pet, is my dear friend, Mistress Amber.”

“It’s a pleasure, Mistress Amber,” I quickly replied with my eyes and head lowered respectfully.

Next, the man entered the room. He was a big, strong, and muscular guy who clearly worked out and was in excellent shape. Mistress Fiona moved and stood next to the big man. She wrapped her arms around his big arm and said, “And this is one of my many bull-lovers, pet. His name is Pete.”

“Nice to meet you, Pete,” I said, as I felt completely inadequate with my tiny cock next to him.

Mistress Amber spoke up, “Mistress Fiona and I had a nice chat over dinner about the next phase of your training. After a short pause, she continued, “Pete and I agreed to help her out with this new aspect to your training.”

“So, pet,” Mistress Fiona continued. “Mistress Amber, Pete, and I decided that this part of your training should more accurately mimic the actual stroking competition in the ‘Mistress Olympics.’”

I knew that I must have looked nervous and worried at this point. Mistress Fiona went on, “Don’t worry, pet, this training will be fun.” My Mistress gave me her fantastic smile and I relaxed. She then added, “My dear friend Mistress Amber will stroke you off, while I stroke off my bull, Pete.”

Next, Mistress Amber picked up and she explained, “We will still use the timer just like your previous training.

But, now, in addition to beating your time from last week, you must also last longer than Pete.” The Mistress then asked, “Do you think you can manage that, pet?” Nervously, I gulped, and I wanted to flat out tell the two Mistresses that I doubted that there was any chance that I could. But, I flustered a bit as I answered, “I will try, Mistress.”

“That’s a good boy,” Mistress Amber responded with her own sugary voice and a big smile.

Mistress Fiona walked over to Pete, and Mistress Amber joined her a few moments later. The pair of gorgeous women then proceeded to slowly strip all of the clothes off the bull lover, Pete. Mistress Fiona and Mistress Amber each grabbed one side of his shirt as they pulled it out of Pete’s pants. Then the ladies alternated, as each woman unbuttoned a button on the shirt, until they had the shirt completely opened.

Then, they removed the article. Pete sat down on the loveseat sofa in the office, and the Mistresses each grabbed one shoe and a sock and removed them. Pete stood back up and Mistress Fiona unfastened the bull’s belt, then Mistress Amber unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. Once again working together, the pair of Mistresses then tugged Pete’s pants all the way down to the floor, and the big man stepped out of them.


I watched as I had expected the Mistresses would have removed Pete’s boxers and released his huge dick, but they didn’t.

Instead, Mistress Amber stepped closer to me, while Mistress Fiona went to her purse. Mistress Fiona pulled a key from her purse and gave it to Mistress Amber. The more mature Mistress slid the key into the lock that held my cock cage in place, and with a quick turn the lock clicked open.

A short time later, Mistress Amber had that clear plastic cock cage removed and my less than impressive dick twitched limply in front of the Mistress. Meanwhile, a short distance away, the younger Mistress pulled down Pete’s boxer shorts and released his massive dick. I smiled inwardly as I saw that Pete’s shaft was already hard and erect while I was still soft and unaroused, a fact that I figured gave me a clear advantage in the competition.

Next, the two sexy Mistresses faced each other.

Each lovely Domme grabbed the hem of the other Mistresses’ risqué dress. In near unison they stripped garments off each other. With both dresses removed from their sexy, feminine bodies and draped over several nearby chairs, the ladies continued. Mistress Amber turned around, and Mistress Fiona proceeded to unfasten her bra and released her full, round breasts.

A moment later, Mistress Amber removed Mistress Fiona’s bra and her perky pair of boobs were freed. The two undergarments were placed with the dresses on the chair. Both lovely Mistresses were left nearly nude, as they wore just their panties and high heeled pumps.

Mistress Fiona pulled out her timer and she called out, “Begin.”

Then she gently pushed the button to start the clock. With an effortless twist on her chair, my Mistress turned back toward Pete. She began her erotic play as she massaged and rubbed his massive shaft. Much to my obvious surprise, Pete was not hard earlier, but his rod grew harder and bigger as Mistress Fiona worked her magic and got her bull lover aroused.

A short distance away, Mistress Amber went to work of my dick.

I sighed and leaned back as the more mature Mistress whispered breathily into my ear to ‘cum’. She said I should, ‘let my load go.’ Her fingers expertly worked on my dick. All the while, I struggled to control my arousal. Somehow, I kept my orgasm in check. This was hard with Mistress Amber’s erotic and sensual touches, along with her breathy whispers.

The seconds and minutes ticked by and Mistress Fiona stroked off Pete, while Mistress Amber did the same for me. I could hear occasional words from my Mistress as she whispered in Pete’s ear, and she tried to get him to blow his load first. Mistress Amber did the same, as she coaxed me and she rubbed her large round breasts in my face while she told me to ‘cum’ and ‘shoot my load.’

It didn’t take much longer as Mistress Amber rubbed and caressed by filled balls with her soft, delicate touch. As much as I struggled to hold back my arousal, the erotic touches finally did their job and creamed my hot load of cum all over Mistress Amber’s hand.

“I’m going to clean up,” the older Mistress announced as she looked at me and then departed for the bathroom to wash her hand off.

Mistress Fiona stopped her erotic touches on Pete and she released his cock as she came over to me. “Fair job, my pet,” she announced with a soft smile. “On the negative side, you did cum before Pete, therefore, you have to be punished for that. But, as a mitigating factor, you did beat you best time, so you are holding out with your orgasms for longer times, and I am proud of you for that.”

As she returned to the office after she cleaned up, Mistress Amber added, “Good job, pet.”

The pair Mistresses stepped away from me, as they whispered back and forth to each other. They occasionally laughed, and I heard the soft feminine giggles as they joked during their discussion.

Finally, after a couple of minutes they finished their talk. Mistress Fiona then said, “We discussed your punishment, pet. Since you had come before my bull, Pete, it seems only fair that you should finish him off and make him cum.”

I gulped, “Mistress Fiona, you mean to stroke him off, correct?”

Mistress Amber spoke up and said, “No pet, we meant that you will give Pete a blow job.”

I gulped again, “And do I have to swallow?”

This time Mistress Fiona spoke, and in her stern voice again, “Yes, pet. You will swallow. Now you understand what is expected. Quit trying to get out of it, or your punishment will be much worse.”

“Yes, Mistress. Sorry Mistress,” I blushed.

Mistress Fiona said softly but in a commanding voice, “Now suck that cock.”

I didn’t need to be told again, as I knew that it would not be good for me if Mistress Fiona or Mistress Amber had to tell me another time what to do. I moved over to Pete, and knelt down in front of him and his sizable and very erect and ready member. I felt both Mistress Fiona and Mistress Amber, and both lovely women’s eyes burned into me as they watched what I did next. Though part of me didn’t want to proceed,

I feared what Mistress Fiona might do if I didn’t continue far more than if I continued and sucked a dick for the first time. I gulped nervously as I took Pete’s huge dick in my hand. I stroked it, while he grunted loudly. Then I moved my tongue into position and I gave the tip of his shaft a soft lick. Pete groaned again as he thrust his hips forward and pushed his manhood into my mouth.

“Suck it, pet,” Mistress Amber purred.

Mistress Fiona added, “Come on, Brad. You know you want that cock. Deep throat it for me.”

With the gentle coaxing from my Mistress, I began to suck bull lover Pete’s dick more energetically. Even though part of me didn’t want to do it, I found that I enjoyed the sucking, more to please Mistress Fiona than to directly please Pete, but because it made her happy, I enjoyed it for that reason. I sucked faster and faster, as Mistress Fiona continued her praise. It took me several tries, but I sucked and worked that cock,

I slid it past my gag reflex and I deep-throated Pete’s massive rod.

The big men let out a loud and vocal grunt as he thrust that dick further into my mouth and I took every inch. As Mistress Fiona prodded me on, I sucked faster and faster, and finally…. Pete groaned especially loudly, and then he shot his huge load of cum down my throat. It was hard for me to swallow it as the jizz flowed out of his dick and into my mouth at such a rate that I couldn’t keep it all down and some of the cum spilt out and around my lips.

“Lick up that leakage,” Mistress Amber ordered.

Mistress Fiona commanded, “Don’t you dare spill even a drop of that precious cum.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I panted, as I swallowed the last of the load of salty creamy cum and I even licked the last few drops from the corner of my mouth.

Mistress Amber smiled, “Good job, pet.”

“Yes, Brad, my little pet. You did very well,” Mistress Fiona added with a smile of her own.

To be continued….

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