Mistress of the Month for July Interview by Wellspanked on EE

Thanks so much for the fun questions!! Check out the blog post on EE. Five Fun Q’s and A’s w/ Fiona!

“Congratulations to Ms Fiona for being named Mistress of the Month for July.  And, a big thank you to her for agreeing to participate in the “time honored” tradition of Five questions for the MotM.  Ms Fiona is not new to LDW an has been active in blogs and EE for some time.  So let’s take a few minutes to get to know her better.  As always, this is meant to me light-hearted.”

1.  “A pretty standard opening question we’ve been using is, where do you call home?  Either as in most of your life, or where you live now, or what area calls to you the most.”

I am a water sign, love the shore and I feel most at home near the water. Growing up in Maryland, I went to Assateague and Chincoteague on vacations every summer. Assateague is in MD and VA and Chincoteague the Island is part of VA. It’s federally protected and the wildlife thrives there. Now, I live in Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley near Luray and while I love the surrounding mountains and forests, I am a beach bunny at heart.

2.  “Most mistresses have answered that they don’t have a favorite type of call, so I’ll change it up.  What types of calls, sexy texting, emails, etc do you find most challenging, either because of the medium, or other aspects?”

While I love sexy texting, it can be challenging to do it for very detailed guided JOI masturbation calls w/o audio because it can be difficult for the texter to type with one hand while also stroking. Although, even that has a workaround luckily! I have my pets just put  “y/n” to simple questions I type to them and this has been a massive aid in making sure they don’t have to worry about focusing on typing back detailed answers and then I can also still get enough info from them on how they are progressing from my instructions.
Also, I can be as strict as needed but I don’t ever yell or scream on calls because I have 3 furballs who are easily spooked and I don’t want to scare them or stress out my voice and body. I’m more of a low-key, sensual and  free-spirited Femdom. I can be stern but I never raise my voice.

3.  “I know from some of your EE interactions that you are a fan of the horror genre.  What are you favorite series, or authors in the horror world and why?”

My favorite kind of horror doesn’t rely on sensationalize gore or cheap shock tactics but rather envelops the genre with the deft gracefulness and nuanced subversion that sneaks up on you and stays with you like a lingering chill in your bones on a cold night, rather than immediately bluegoning one over the head.

My favorite authors of horror are:

Octavia E. Butler. Her Afrofuturism (a cultural movement that melds African American culture with science fiction and fantasy and also showcases the horror humanity unleashes upon itself).
William Patrick Blatty. He made existential dread, likable and relatable characters and wove humor into the realm of horror.
I grew up in Maryland not far from where one of the actual exorcisms the book is based on took place. (In the movie it takes place in Georgetown, DC but it really occurred in Cottage City. Growing up with that as local folklore and also the Blair Witch project which was filmed in MD, and I remember feeling surrounded and fascinated by eerie tales -not the mention all the very real bloody history of the surrounding area.
Plus, I was raised Catholic and all that imagery, iconography, and the old testament teachings are all pretty dark and intense so I think I like horror as a means of catharsis for dealing with all that very early in life.
Kealan Patrick Burke. Love his sharp as a knife conciseness and knack for brevity that leaves just enough curiosity about unanswered questions that haunt the reader long after they are done reading.

4.  “Continuing on the horror topic, What is Ms Fiona scared of?”

People choosing to be ignorant and cruel and atomic armageddon. The latter is basically an extreme example of what can potentially happen when the former is taken to the extreme, I suppose.
The movies Threads & The War Game are dated but still relevant today & it impacted me greatly when I saw them online. Oftentimes, mankind is its own biggest threat and we don’t even need the supernatural involved for that. On a lighter note, I love Dr. Strangelove and sometimes humor is one of our biggest defenses against how absurd life can seem.

5.  “Last question, the Olympics are this month.  If distance domination was an Olympic sport, what would be your favorite event?”

Tease and delay -I want to see how long I can tease a pet before they explode. Part of me is cheering for them but the other devilish part is making it harder and harder of a challenge to endure with every teasing, tantalizing moment! It’s a sweet but spicy combination of fun and flirty torture! I love making you all squirm with delight no matter how far away we are from each other -that’s the power of my voice whispering in your ear! However, I would love watching ALL the events.

Thank you everyone for making me Mistress of the Month! As a thank you, please join me:

Friday July 19th @ 8:00

In Honor of National Ice Cream Month, BYO Fave Frozen Treat. Mine is vegan creme brulee frozen yogurt with caramel sauce. 

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