Mistress of the Day Call Tips:

I am all abuzz and so enthused about getting a chance to tease your cocks and clits tomorrow for my Mistress of the Day tomorrow! Here are a few tips to both my regulars and new time callers to get the most out of your ten free mins:

-As you may have noticed, I am on every site we have here at Enchantrix Empire, so I am open to all the fetishes we offer here. Don’t be shy and tell me what kind of kink you are interested in during our session if you haven’t already. Feel free to email me tonight if you have any pressing questions -(especially nervous newbies). As always, I will try to put your mind at ease and get you all ready for a good tease!

Working until Late

-So, I will be on from about 8 am on 4/28 either until I lose my voice or midnight -whichever happens first. I have no idea how many calls will occur and I plan on taking a few breaks in between them. I do hope to be able to stay on until late in the evening in order to talk to as many of you as possible. It’s important you all get a chance to talk and I want you all to be able to get your turn of free phone fun! 

-The lines tend to be busiest in the afternoon and evenings on Fridays so if possible, try calling in the morning or early afternoon if your schedule permits.

-If you have any favorite toys, lube (and/or punishment implements in the case of you, pain/CBT sluts),  have them ready to go since they are always fun to incorporate -even on short calls.

BONUS: Email me after your session for a special offer.  😉   

~*Fiona la Femme Fatale*~
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Twitter: EnchantrixFiona