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Mistress Oath

Just a little post to clarify my personal policies regarding domination

My Mistress Oath BDSM Pledge

I, Mistress Fiona solemnly swear that I will:


  • Always respect hard limits.


  • Never tell a subbie that because I own them they are to only do sessions with me exclusively. I share toys well with others and it doesn’t make our bond less meaningful if you explore.


  • Will do my best to dominate dicks and sissy chick-clits to the best of my ability


  • Cultivate and expand my knowledge and experience of  kinkery and fun between 2 (or more 😉 ) consenting adults.


  • Never jeopardize the health or long-term well-being of my subbies. Blue balls are another matter entirely –trust me no one has ever ended up dead from tease & denial –although some may feel it would be a reprieve from the torture.


  • Keep confidentiality of our texts/convos intact and only share details and blog about humiliation subbies and sessions when granted express permission to do so. That said I don’t guarantee that I will write about all pets that request me to. That is left up to my discretion.


  • Always be open to  working with my fellow LDW Mistresses (since I  love 2 girl calls) and am totally ready and willing to outnumber my submissive with multi-femdoms on calls. They are great fun for us but this is at your own risk of course –we can totally gang up on you that way so only if you dare 😉 hehehehee


  • Be open-minded to your ideas, desires, and goals.


  • Even if you are denied I will at least consider listening to you beg and grovel a bit… At least until it grows too tiresome and annoying to withstand.  heehee




4 comments to Mistress Oath

  • John

    How do I become your pet, mistress?

    • Fiona

      Great question 😉 Typically I suggest you read the “Session Tips” and “About Me” sections of my blog. Then if I seem like your kinda Kink-tress try a short session so we can get a sense of our potential connection and see how we jive. If you also seem like my sort of pet we will take it from there. if you have any other questions.

  • Pupslave

    I swear never to top from the bottom, to always communicate when necessary, to remember that I am only one of my subs my Mistress deals with, to explore my boundaries, and above all to be an obedient slut and fucktoy for the amusement of my Mistress.

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