Beyond All the BDSM Whips & Chains How Does A Domme Hold Tight the Reins?

Myth #1 Mistresses are rude, crude and generally bully their subbies.

One comment I often get right off the bat with new subbies is “you’re so nice” with a sigh of relief. As if they had made the mental assumption that as a femme domme I was immediately going to berate them or demand they bow down before me in complete and utter supplication. This stereotype seems to stem from a very specific archetypal demanding dominatrix of the hardcore subset. While, there is most definitely a quintessential theme of power and control that spans across the board of fem-domination, not all are going to go about demonstrating their wiles in the same way. Some are more sensual, some are more strict. Favoring one style does not automatically exclude the other.

Even the harshest of dominatrices are going to slowly break in a new submissive and not start off mind-fucking them beyond their scope of comprehension. A mistress first gauges the breadth of a pet’s experience before pushing the bounds of it -unless it is predetermined by both parties that thorough hardcore is mutually desired from the get-go.

Women are all woven together with many different dimensions.  Sometimes a purring seductive mistress will take one a more fierce tone and other times a stricter femme domme may show a softer side when the mood strikes. In fact sensual femme dommes are sometimes just as strict or stricter when it comes to making sure their pets tow the line and at other times more overtly fiery mistresses may be more lenient about protocol, assignments etc.  The main point to take away from this is No two mistresses are alike just like no two subbies are alike. BDSM is not a one-size fits all venture.  


Mistresses can actually be an asset to help build yourself up not tear you to bits. Looking for a cum coach  or masturbation manager to help you break some bad habits in bed and stick to your sexual goals? Look no further! Mistresses can help you extend your stamina, help you with your cock conundrums, talk you out of the urge to purge your wardrobe, aid you in finding to courage to share your fabulous fetishes and get you out of that funk of erotic ennui you at times may find yourself mired in. We are here to be supportive of our subbies even if it sometimes involves a little dose of tough luv and some naughty nurturing, we are here to work with you not against you.


Blue  mesmer-EYES ;)

Blue mesmer-EYES 😉