Myth #2 Being a mistress in “real life/live action” is harder and more authentic than being  an auditory authoritarian/long distance mistress

I have dabbled in both and each have their own unique set of challenges and perks. One thing is for sure however, long-distance domination is by far more dependent on a strong bond and understanding of the internal inner-workings  underpinning a submissive’s desire to be ruled. One cannot fall back on all the props and visuals that would be at our disposal in the flesh. A mistress must create the entire scene and make it spark with the same life and energy as they would in person but  multiplied tenfold . It’s that much more essential that the dom and sub connect in a real soul-deep level and diligently communicate in a finely tuned matter. This can take a level of patience & effort to maintain that direct line to each other’s mind but is well worth the satisfaction. There are many forms of domination and domming by phone is as relevant and fulfilling as any other.



Myth #3 Mistresses hate men.

This is just plain false. I for one immensely enjoy men of all varieties. Why would we as mistresses spend so much time playing with men if we didn’t enjoy their company? While we do have couples and female submissives as well, for the most part our counterpart subbies are predominately male. It reminds me of how feminism has at times taken on a negative connotation in our lexicon. If anything it’s fair to say mistresses expect a lot from their men pups simply because they see their true potential. In the bedroom our tastes just tend to veer toward the prevailing preference of gynarchical tendencies. 😉 

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