Highlights and Snippets From Texts About My South of France Excursion:

–There are cats and dogs EVERYWHERE! People keep an eye on them and even the strays look like well-fed house cats. The nature here is on steroids and everything is so colorful and surreal.

–Great Art Nouveau buildings nearby and an awesome ornate cemetery.

–We went on a night walk and picnic in a pine lined park and watched the heat lightening explode like fireworks silently in the sky and saw the moon rise over the mountains with the flicker twinkling town lights in the distance.

–Elle and  I went to this craggy beach that looked like something out of a gothic romance. There were bats all over flying about and making the cutest squeaks and beautiful little shells. Little canopy-like brush bushes and windswept pines with branches parting into little portals sea to peep into. The density of the trees have little openings and get sparse out towards the shoreline. AND NO DEER TICKS! So that is a real plus since that means no Lyme disease. So far the only bugs I have seen are bees, butterflies, flies and beetles and snails. In fact, it’s no wonder escargot is so popular here -the snails are huge and plentiful!

–It’s not as hot as I feared but still hotter than I am use to so I just take the daytime slowly and at night it’s much cooler.

–Naked boobies! Topless Ta-tas are free and bouncing on the topless beach we went to today -and yes I made sure to slather on the sunscreen.

–Met up with the so enchanting and lovely Enchantrix Phoenix (yes guys she is even hotter in the flesh 😉 I wish we could have had more than one afternoon together but we had such a blast laughing and swimming in the surf. She’s like a long lost friend and we were immediately simpatico.

–Lots of interesting birds and birdsongs trilling!

–Love seeing the water and its tide is very gentle at all the beaches we’ve been to. No big waves or undertow so far. Glad I didn’t bother with my Boogie Board lol

–I got some goodies for everyone in the markets and it was lovely meeting local gallery artists and shopkeepers

–So I actually made summer soup (chilled) and Elle &  I made an apricot tart! They were really good and we planned on bring them to the beach but ate them right away instead. HA

–Yesterday I saw lizards in the garden and then at the beach I found beautiful shells but you will never guess what was living in them -hermit crabs! They were so cute. The sunset on the way back over the mountains and city lights looked like something out of an enchanted fairy realm.

–There is a ledge on the picture windows in the apartment that is perfect to read on and glaze out unto the flowers.



–Octopussy cocktail: Of course I had to try the most obscene sounding drink and know can say the taste of FRENCH “pussy” isn’t bad: Ginger Ale, Lemoncello, Rum. Apparently the name is from some James Bond reference but I still laughed when ordering it. French men are so friendly and polite I never have to buy drinks at the seaside lounges. They were always on the house or treated to us by other patrons.

–They have fountains everywhere and you can play in them! My fave is the nautical themed mosaic mural fountain where you could let the water flow from your head to your feet. Made me feel like a mermaid.

–Still got it! Went tree and rock climbing over at the Venus beach! Good to know I can climb-up a tree like I did growing up.We did it! If only you knew how high up we climbed lol

–Ziplining is awesome! I am definitely going to take you gals to some stateside lines when I get back.


Wish I had something better than my Kindle for pictures but lol not bad considering lol

Of course I missed all my kinky pets!