BDSM Munch-Brunch Leaves Lots of Food for Thought for this Mistress

Hello pets! I’m sure many of you know what the BDSM term munch is right? Well just in case you don’t, I’ll give you a little synopsis to chew on: It’s basically a mistress & masochist meet-and-greet in a casual setting to discuss kink. These tend to be platonic meet-ups at nearby watering holes and greasy spoons where people get a feel for each other and discuss what might be explored in depth during potential sessions but aren’t actually the D/S scenes themselves. I had never before been to one and was curious as to what the more rural locals would be like.

Country-Style Kink

Now I have done a little mistress-ing in the flesh during my stint as a mistress apprentice in a DC femdom dungeon and I figured this wouldn’t be all that different Well, let’s just say my hunch about this munch missed the mark. This brunch bunch weren’t  the urban hipsters, moonlighting as sadists to pay off student loans whose day jobs were aspiration on Capitol Hill. No, on the contrary this crowd was more….. over the hill!

BDSM Brunch: Entrée de Jour: Cum-Chum or Chopped Liver?

First thing that should have tipped me off that this wasn’t quite the scene I was use to was that it look place at Ruby Tuesdays. Before I worried I wasn’t going to connect to my fellow D/S players on account of me doing the majority of my domination these days on the phone in long distant sessions. And even Most of my lifestyle subbies have recently been way more vanilla than by my callers’ and my dc pets’ standards. What was a femdom to do? Connecting to the kinksters in close proximity seemed like a good place to start. Now I had heard the terms swarming and chopped liver before in reference to two extreme ways these little soirees can go but I still was ill prepared for what awaited me. FYI: Swarming is when you get inundated with attention and feel a bit like cum-chum since people start circling you like over eager sharks flocking to the scent of  fresh blood in the water; or conversely chopped liver which is when the general consensus is the newbie to the group is DOA or a poser dud.

Distant Domme vs. In the Flesh

While the sub/dom long-distance dynamic in the professional arena is just as strong, challenging, and substantive as “real time play”  it’s still a different erotic exercise working a whole other set of mistress muscles. Had I gotten rusty? Out of touch? Would they view me as an outsider, an interloper or bland brand of blasé BDSM banality since I was technically a paid professional? I doubted so since it’s something I love and that has become as much a part of me as my sly smirk. Femdoming has changed my views of relationships, men, assertiveness and personal empowerment ….but still I couldn’t help but wonder and feel a bit of nagging apprehension. Did I bite off more BDSM than I could swallow? Luckily, these worries were completely unfounded. However, I’m getting ahead of myself here & these cast of characters require more than just one blog post of ponderings. So stay tuned for part two of my erotic caper.

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