Happy Get Freaky Fourth!Happy Get Freaky Fourth!

*All parties described below gave their express blessing and permission to be featured*


So despite my pent-up concerns, it was ready apparent as soon as I walked into the BDSM Munch Brunch at Ruby Tuesday’s, that all of my worries were unfounded. I was readily accepted  and eagerly so among my fellow femdom Mistresses, Masters and counterpart subbies.

It apparently was wildly obvious to all 6 of them that I was a dominant since as the Mistress Gabby so cleverly quipped, “it’s always the sweet little babe in the wood types that end up being the she-wolves.” She herself was as unassuming as they come. A spirited and well spoken type that looked as though she would fit right in  among the townspeople of Mayberry. But even though she looked like Martha Stewart’s doppelgänger, she jumped right in a started chattering about her favorite aspects of bondage knots with the same enthusiasm she trilled about the veggie spread at the salad bar. She piled her plate full of lush greens while preparing an identical plate for her husband -subby hubby “Tex”.

Now the odd thing about Tex was he clearly had a Jersey accent and it seemed quite possible he never even set foot in the southwest. However, he was clearly drawn to the mystique of all things outdoorsy and rugged. Turns out the great yonder of the Appalachian trail was what drew him to the West VA border which is about as rustic as it gets here on the East Coast. He met Gabby on a overnight trek through a social hiking group that was meeting up around the conjure that weaves in and out of the mountains of Md/Va/West Va.

Then there was “Spinner. “He was a long and spindly submisive that much like a spider seemed quite capable of  weaving his way in and out of bondage binds. However he later told me his name was Spinner from his “basket job” days as a swinger in the 70s. Through kinky context clues and an internet search to verify I found out all about what a basket job was. Which is by the way, a sexual act, originating in the Far East  in which a person is placed naked, in a seating position, inside a wide-mesh, hanging basket. The basket is lowered onto a, man/women with  a strap-on lying under the basket, who then can insert his/her erect penis/strap-on inside the vagina or sissy cootchie/ass hole of the enclosed subbie. The basket is then spun along the axis  by the erection, increasing the sexual stimulation of one or both parties.

Spinner was currently the pet of Master Paul and Mistress Bridget. Mistress Bridget was bright-eyed and spritely; sort of reminiscent of my high school English professor. Whereas Master Paul was low-key and had to be pushing his 80s. I was informed his main fetish of choice was the violet wand and STEM system used on him by Mistress Bridget to whom he was only submissive to. To  Spinner and all other guys he was a staunch dominant.

At first I was unsure how he could manage to get zapped without having a heart attack -but according to Ms. Bridget it was that very voltage that she felt was the key to his longevity thus far. She playfully poked his shoulder and teased how she was like his Dr. Frankenstein reinvigorating his flesh. His eyes did seem to dance and perk up at the mere mention.

Last but not least there was Darla. A soft spoken and wickedly funny subbie that openly ogled the busboys and our waiter much to the amusement of  Gabby who stated on the sly that she thinks Darla is more of a switch with an itch to be dominant if she would just let herself get out of that mental box she had put herself into. Sometimes our mind’s own mental ties are that which we seek to break free of in S&M.   One day she hopes to see that transition. And why not? This rag-tag bunch were perfect examples that you are never too old for erotic exploration and BDSM players come in all different packages.

I want to thank all my brunch buddies for warmly embracing and accepting me so openly and I can’t wait to try some of your naughty tips of the trade.

~So my dear readers, while BDSM  may have voyeurs it’s not a spectator sport at it’s core. So what are you waiting for? Get off the sidelines & Go play!~