Continuing from Part 1 Mistress Method (the previous post)

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(Continued questions from the  Part 1 Exercise):

Can you hear her laughter and uncontained amusement and from there think about how that would make you feel if it were to occur? Would you do anything different to try and prevent further embarrassment? Your genuine reaction is the key here.

If you concentrate on the memory of it don’t you feel a fulgurate flash of that same stimuli that roused such a strong reaction? It’s that verity that taps into the truth and vibrancy of the moment as opposed to the spurious theatrics that seems hollow in comparison.

Looking back, what happened and how did you diffuse in situation?

When you practice your ability to relive the past you can easily extend your ability to also create a “what if” scenario.

Let’s say you go back to that memory we just discussed above. Add to it an improvised “for instance” in which your mistress sees you at that same unfortunate moment of accidental arousal.


The method is a skill to reconnect to these times when you want to conjure up some kinky fun.


Tell me in the Comment Section Below:

Do you enjoy sexy role-playing calls?

Have you always wanted to try but were too shy?

If you haven’t yet tried it do you think you might want to now? The energy it generates is contagious so it’s easier when you try it with someone else to help reinforce the basic ideas.

You can apply the method to any and all of your own brand of fetishes, I just used humiliation as an example!

Experience for yourself why erotic roleplaying sessions are hotter than porn!

All the world’s a stage and the script can be as erotic as you choose.