Erotic Role-Playing: Mistress Method Part 1

What is Method Acting and How Does it Pertain to Erotic Role-Playing?

The Method is an acting technique that uses the sense-memories of past experiences & emotions. Utilizing them as mental visualizations to recreate them in, will then ring order to bring depth to a part. Originally developed In the 1930s by a  Russian theater director, it’s still very much in use today by many performers to get in touch with their character portrayals. Basically you use your imagination and experiences to create context and substance. This brings an element of realism into the mix. Now what does it have to do with roleplaying fantasy play and how does it apply to playing with your joystick? The method can be used as a means of foreplay to fan the fire of your erotic role-playing and guided sexy stories & fantasy calls or text  roleplays. This is especially useful for those of you that like to evince a more involved vision during your cock stroking  sessions.

How can you make this work for yourself?

Try this: Erotic Exercises in Acting

Take a moment and think back about a time you felt yourself getting so aroused at an inopportune moment but your body seemed to have a mind of its own.

Did you start to feel a bit overheated?

Did you squirm and try not to blush as your felt the tell-tale salient bulge below the belt?

Perhaps you had to adjust yourself discreetly.

Do you love sexy roleplaying, if so why?

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Stay Tuned for Part 2 pets!