Domination Contemplation: 

Kink Think Tank


Vixen Vacation

Hey there cyber subbies, did you know that the merry band of mistresses have biannual meetings in which we discuss all different top secret ways to better titillate, tease, and keep ya’ll on your knees?

It a special time to think about the stratagem of seduction, cull the chaos and stress out of our ever day lives by rejuvenating our senses, chillaxing and conjuring up new brews of boner-inducing naughtiness. A little bit business, a little bit pleasure and a lot of hot mistress hunnies.

While I of course cannot divulge all the dirty little details. ( you’ll just have to wait and be surprised by what we come up with 😉 ) I can say it will be taking place in sunny paradise in full-on femdom fashion. Balmy bombshell weather forecasted! This temporary oasis will be our headquarters or “Mistress Manor” while we devise, theorize, conceptualize and revitalize our minds, bodies, and spirits. So that we can come on back to you anew. This collective energy of estrogen induced overdrive & girl power is quite a force of nature well in which to draw from. After we replenish our inner resources, brace yourselves pets!

Now even though we can’t accommodate our pets presence of course, as this is strictly a femdom ladies-only luau, you can be sure there will many opportunities for multi-mistress calls and sexy shenanigans as we come and go from our temporary headquarters hang-out.

For those interested in contributing to our excursion of perversion and all things fun and femdom you can cum add into the fund. That would be sure to please your fave mistresses & make ’em purr. Plus a little recharge of those enchantrix batteries ensures the LDW difference continues to dominate the competition  … 😉

In fact, I have the distinct feeling this meeting of the mistress minds will inspire many a new blog posts and mistress bonding as well as new & exhilarating  promos and events to dazzle those dicks and sissy clits.

Stay Tuned My Darlings!