Stroke to my pics after you read this May Babes 😉

Oh the things I could do with you! A little tempting tease like me doesn’t seem like a dominatrix -more like the girl next door. However, this girl has been around the block a few times and most definitely into the wrong side of the tracks. So don’t let my sweet blue eyes, open smile or youthful appearance lull you into a false sense of security.

Knowing I have guys all around the globe locked in lust for me is a unique point of pride that I never seem to tire of. Might you fit the bill as another one of my man pet boy-toys? Don’t worry if you feel like you may be way older than a brat princess  like me, I know how to teach an old subbie new tricks
I know you will make the perfect victim enslaved by my charms even though I doubt you believe it yet. Destined to be another hapless example of fresh meat I suppose. You’ll be completely dumbfounded when you come to realize just how easily you have been wrapped around my slender little finger.

So how might you prepare for your first lesson session? No toys or specialized equipment is needed (although if you have a collection bring me all you got) you are the main focus of interest to me. Just have an open mind, time to play and a sense of adventure. I hope you are good at being bad even if you need a little push of encouragement at first.   I’ll have that dick dancing in no time.