Marcie Got Mindfucked


One of the most insidiously erotic kind of kink is the mindfuck. The only thing better than a sensual brain bending cock teasing tizzy of a mistress led mindfuck is one that occurs within the subbies own subconscious mind.


Such was the case for dear Marcie but perennial perpetual virgin and quick shotgun cock wanker. During an intense daydream about a sexy mature MILF type siren at work whose breasts my pet longed to worship, little Marcie got quite a shock. It seems even as this goddess that was the sheer epitome of femininity was starring in a little fantasy fuck of make-believe she proved to be was too elusive even in the confines of pure imagination.


Poor Marcie’s own dreamscape turned into a daymare when she was laughed at and rejected by that sexy coworker.

Though painful and frustrating it really goes to show how well trained my little humiliation glutton is that even when a mistress isn’t around, we still have a steely hold like sinewy tentacles around that puny peen.