Lecherous Linguistics

Vocabulary Every Vixen Should Know

 Part VI

The last installment (at least for the time being) of sexy terms of seduction. As always this is a list of old world terms for all things lusty and sensual. None of these words are meant to offend, just entertain and excite. I also invite you to add in your own vernacular, or terms you’ve heard, find hot or even made up yourself.  I always enjoy learning new things and appreciate as many synonymous terms used in the jargon of seduction. So sit back, relax and please consider expanding your personal repertoire of lusty language for your romantic endeavors. Hope you enjoy!


To sit in the garden with the gate unlocked: To invite seduction by teasing and coyly flashing the blooming flowers of one’s garden of Eden.


Sometimes it’s fun to be a bit improper and to sit in the garden with gate unlocked hoping a honey bee might take notice…


Tittivate –To properly rouse to action a man’s desire with one’s bountiful bosom/breasts.

To tittivate is sometimes all the motivation a man needs to do his lady’s bidding as it also seems to “levitate” him and alleviate tesion.


Amendolia –a form of deception that a woman may use to convey innocence that is in fact a fallacy to erect the phallus into assuming sincerity when in fact it is deception in disguise. As  known as cock tease.

Amendolia causes the ruin of many a man when used with the capable maneuverings of the classic femme fatale archetype.